Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi, Kicks Off Christmas with a Grand Cake Mixing Ceremony

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Pride Plaza Hotel

Feel the Pride’s Festive Soiree: Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi, Kicks Off Christmas with a Grand Cake Mixing Ceremony

The enchanting scent of the holiday season filled the air as Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, the celebrated 5-star establishment near Delhi Airport, hosted a magnificent Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony on Friday, November 3, 2023. This delightful event not only ignited the festive spirit but also brought together guests, influencers, and corporate visitors to partake in a cherished holiday tradition.

As the temperature dropped and the first whispers of winter arrived, the hotel’s commitment to providing an authentic Indian experience shone brightly during this magical celebration. Guests, distinguished influencers, and corporate participants gathered to blend a symphony of premium dry fruits, including luscious almonds, apricot, raisins, broken cashew nuts, sultanas, seedless dates, orange peel, ginger chips, glazed cherries, black currants, pistachios, tutti frutti (red, green, and yellow), and a delightful array of spices, including cinnamon powder, ginger powder, nutmeg powder, cardamom powder, javitri, garam masala, and cloves. These ingredients were lovingly soaked, infusing the cakes with rich and heart-warming flavours, in harmony with the age-old English tradition of cake mixing.

Mohammad Shoeb, Associate VP – North India, Pride Hotels Group, radiated enthusiasm as he shared, “We are thrilled to have hosted the Grand Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony at Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi. Christmas is a time when we come together to share in the warmth of the season. It was truly an honour to be a part of this age-old tradition, creating unforgettable moments for our treasured guests, distinguished influencers, and esteemed corporate partners. We eagerly anticipate joining our visitors in celebrating the holiday season and offering our renowned hospitality.”

Mohit Khanna, Executive Assistant Manager at Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi, added, “Our Cake Mixing Ceremony marks the beginning of the festive season. It’s a time when traditions and celebrations come alive. We are delighted to have had the privilege of hosting such a heart-warming event that signifies the spirit of togetherness and joy.”

The cake-mixing ritual is a cherished part of the Christmas tradition, rooted in the age-old plum porridge recipe. These delightful ingredients, both dry fruits and spices, contributed to the rich and comforting flavors that grace the Christmas cakes. These delectable cakes are then lovingly adorned with layers of marzipan and icing, often featuring decorative elements like plaid ribbon bands and Christmas-themed models, including snowmen and evergreen fir trees.

The Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony at Pride Plaza Aerocity was a delightful coming together of cultures and traditions. Guests, the dedicated hotel team, influencers, and individuals from diverse backgrounds joined hands, all celebrating the true spirit of the season. This cherished event symbolized the essence of Christmas, spreading joy and togetherness among all who were in attendance.

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