Extra safe wire means extra safe dreams’ – Polycab India introduces heart touching TVC to advocate use of Green Wire for advanced safety

Mumbai, 15th June 2023: India’s leading electrical goods company, Polycab India Limited, aims to change the perception about wires and home safety, with its latest TVC advocating the use of Polycab Green Wire.

The heart-touching ‘Extra Safe Wire means Extra Safe Dreams’ campaign by Polycab continues to build upon the success of its previous campaign launched in October last year, illustrating the brand’s commitment in helping safer future with their solutions. With its latest TVC, the company takes a step forward in emphasizing that wires are not just an electrical solution but a very vital component of every household that can ensure our safety today and for generations to come. The TVC, conceptualized by Ogilvy, takes a slice of life and through a simple story depicts the importance of safe wire in our lives. By encouraging consumers to dream big while prioritizing safety, this new TVC seamlessly carries forward the brand’s mission to educate and inspire modern-day consumers about the extended value proposition of wires and cables.

The film revolves around a pregnant woman, her husband and an electrician who are setting up their nursery in anticipation of the child. While the to-be mother is worrying about the child, the husband is seen calmly working along with the electrician to fix the nursery’s wiring. The wife playfully complains about his lack of input regarding their baby’s future, to which the husband, smiles and illuminates the` room, hinting at how he was busy securing the future of their child. He finds the most charming way to reassure her, making her believe that the child’s future is not just safe but magical too. The TVC comes to an end with the appearance of Polycab’s Green Wires alongside a voiceover, emphasizing their extra safety and urging viewers to safeguard their loved ones’ dreams.

Nilesh Malani,

Nilesh Malani, Chief Marketing Officer Polycab India Ltd. commented, “Polycab India is unmatched leader in the wires and cables segment and has attained wide acclamation all these years. We understand that wires often go unnoticed despite being the backbone of every electrical system. It’s a low involvement category, but a crucial one. That’s why this campaign, crafted in collaboration with Ogilvy, attempts to strike an emotional chord. New parents are always concerned about their child’s future, and through this campaign, we aim to connect with our audience on a profound level, highlighting the significance of Polycab’s Green Wire in ensuring a safe and secure environment for their precious little ones. Polycab Green Wire comes with 5-in-1 Green shield technology, delivers fire safety, energy efficiency, is ecofriendly and also offers shock protection. We strive to ensure that Polycab Green Wire upholds our commitment to maintaining a strong connection with our valued customers.”

Sukesh Nayak Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy India said, “Through this campaign, we delve into the realm of dreams, showcasing the limitless possibilities they hold. Polycab’s extra safe green wires play a vital role in shaping these dreams, effortlessly connecting and empowering us. The simple narrative touches an emotional chord with the consumers and demands their attention to pay heed to the wiring they use at home.”

Polycab’s Extra safe wires mean extra safe dreams film will telecast across news channels along with Polycab India’s social media handles.

Team Credits:

Brand: Polycab India Ltd.

Client Team

  • Nilesh Malani: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Rajashekhar Reddy: Vice President – Marketing | Wires and Cables
  • Aman Mahadeshwar: Assistant General Manager – Marketing | Wires and Switchgears
  • Tanushree Jain: Assistant Vice President | Digital, Mass Media & Research

Agency Team Creative:

  • Sukesh Nayak: Chief Creative Officer – Ogilvy India
  • Vivek Verma: Sr. CD
  • Prasad Kulkarni Sr. CD

Account Management:

  • VR Rajesh: Group President – Ogilvy India
  • Haripriya Mark: Client Services Director


  • Prem Narayan: Chief Strategy Officer – Ogilvy India
  • Samhita Choudhary: Vice President

Production House

  • Purple Vishnu Films
  • Director: Sainath Choudhury
  • Producer: Unnati Agarwal

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