Post Budget Quote 2024-’25 for the EV & Recycling Industry || Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Founder & Director – Recyclekaro

Mr. Rajesh Gupta,

PFB the quote by Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Founder & Director at Recyclekaro on the Post Budget 2024:

“The union budget’s “Panchamrit” targets, as highlighted by the finance minister, aim to support sustainable economic growth with a focus on using resources efficiently. This is expected to boost India’s raw material capacity, especially in the manufacturing of Li-ion batteries. The commitment to strengthen the e-vehicle ecosystem through support for manufacturing and charging infrastructure shows a proactive approach to environmentally-friendly growth. By embracing economic policies for ongoing growth, the government is setting a path for a circular economy, emphasizing environmental responsibility and smart use of resources. This approach not only tackles challenges in the lithium-ion battery industry but also contributes to building a resilient and sustainable future for our nation.”

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