Tata Mutual Fund’s Campaign Unveils the Investment Spark

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Tata Mutual Fund'

Mumbai, 13th November 2023: : Tata Mutual Fund in collaboration with Social Beat presents a unique Diwali campaign that illuminates the parallels between Diwali festivities and wise investment choices.

In a visual representation, the campaign showcases a vibrant Diwali celebration in a 3×3 seamless Instagram grid executed using Generative Ai and 3D tools, set against a Diwali backdrop, symbolizing the investment landscape.

The various crackers represent the do’s and don’ts of wise investments, drawing an engaging parallel between the excitement of Diwali and the dynamic nature of financial markets.

The campaign concludes with a powerful image of a diya, drawing a parallel to a long-term Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). The message is clear – just as a diya sustains with careful oiling, an investment grows with a wise research-backed investment

“We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the spirit of Diwali by making informed investment choices. May your financial journey be as bright and prosperous as the festival of lights.”

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