RVU’s Sgt. Varsha Srinivasa Selected for Prestigious NCC Youth Exchange in UK

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RV University Student Sgt. Varsha Srinivasa Selected for Prestigious NCC Youth Exchange Programme in the United KingdomBengaluru, 7th June 2024: SgtVarsha Srinivasa, a second-year Bachelor of Design student at RV University, has made her institution proud by being selected for the prestigious National Cadet Corps (NCCYouth Exchange Programme (2024-25) in the United Kingdom, scheduled from the 1st of July to the 19th July 2024.

As part of the National Cadet Corps Youth Exchange ProgrammeSgtVarsha will have the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture and traditions of the United Kingdom. She will participate in various educational and cultural activities, showcasing the values and spirit of India’s National Cadet Corps.

The programme is a country-to-country exchange of cadets belonging to the NCC and similar state-run youth organizations of friendly countries. It aims to increase awareness about and appreciation for a country’s socio-economic and cultural realities. SgtVarsha is part of a 10-cadet delegation selected from various NCC Directorates across India.

SgtVarsha was selected for the NCC Karnataka & Goa Directorate’s first team for the Republic Day 2024 camp, marking a milestone for RV University in its inaugural year of participation. Cadet Varsha made the cut after rigorous rounds of competition with cadets from 450 institutions and 628 schools, representing 56 Major/Minor Units from 6 Group Headquarters under the Karnataka & Goa Directorate.

Prof. (Dr.) Y.S.R. Murthy, Vice-Chancellor, RV University, said, “Varsha Srinivasan’s incredible success at the prestigious National Cadet Corps Youth Exchange Programme truly embodies the excellence in all spheres of life that we cherish at RV University. We are proud of her achievement, which highlights our dedication to nurturing all-round growth. Varsha‘s journey is a testament to the latent potential in every student, mirroring our commitment to shaping versatile individuals. It is our focus to empower students to soar, be it in academics or extracurricular pursuits. Varsha‘s accomplishment serves as an inspiration to our community, showcasing the transformative power of our educational approach.”

Dr. Bhanu Prakash Nunna, Caretaker OfficerNCCRV University, congratulated Varsha Srinivasa on her outstanding achievement and said, “In mere two years of existence, our NCC 3/3 Company, 1 KAR Signal Regt., has defied expectations and carved out a formidable reputation in the NCC landscape. I am confident that Varsha’s insights and experiences from the YEP will inspire other cadets and contribute to the ongoing success of the NCC 3/3 Company.”

This remarkable achievement underscores the high quality of the NCC training at RV University, reflecting the dedication, hard work, and exceptional performance fostered within its ranks.

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