GD Goenka University Accomplishes Platinum Band In Outcome-Based Education Ranking For 2024

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New Delhi, June 07, 2024: GD Goenka University, one of the renowned educational institutions in India, has added another jewel to its crown with the achievement of Platinum Band in the OutcomeBased Education Ranking for the year 2024.
This remarkable achievement underlines the devotion and proficiency of the university‘s academic and administrative staff in ensuring quality education and holistic development of the students.
The university‘s rise to the Platinum Band also marks a substantial upward growth trend. It follows last year’s impressive performance, when it gained the Diamond Badge in the OutcomeBased Education Ranking for 2023.
Expressing pride and gratitude, the university‘s Internal Quality Assurance Cell team extends special recognition to all the faculty members, administrative staff, and students for their remarkable contributions to achieving this outstanding feat.
The Platinum Band ranking places GD Goenka University among the most eminent institutions of the country, showcasing the university‘s commitment to delivering excellence in education and nurturing a culture of constant improvement.
The necessity of OutcomeBased Education (OBE) in India is paramount to transforming the education system from a traditional, content-focused model to a modern, learner-centric one. OBE ensures that graduates are equipped with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the 21st century. By emphasising the development of specific competencies and outcomes, this approach not only enhances students’ career readiness but also enables them to contribute meaningfully to society. The shift from merely covering academic content to achieving defined learning outcomes highlights GD Goenka University‘s dedication to quality and innovation in education.

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