Cultivating Excellence – How Upskilling and Continuous Learning Shape Indian Teachers for Global Success

19th June 2023  The education landscape is changing constantly and institutions are adapting to many new formats and areas in order to facilitate evolved developments. Amidst this, the role of teachers has become increasingly vital. They are not only responsible for imparting knowledge but also for creatively igniting young minds and enabling them to grow independently in the future. It is at this point, that teacher upskilling and continuous learning for educators in India is being embraced more than ever before. This helps teachers cultivate excellence by enhancing their skills and opening doors to new opportunities across the globe.

The Government of India recognized this 3 years ago when it launched a National Education Policy (NEP) that especially focused on the importance of teacher upskilling and development. Infact, The Union Budget for 2023-24 also saw a significant allocation of ₹3,418.07 crores (20% higher than the previous year) to enhance upskilling resources for the youth. This was a crucial step in encouraging institutions to focus on pedagogy for teachers with high-quality content that eliminates the monotony in teaching.

“Teacher upskilling is not just a choice but a necessary mandate,” says Rishabh Khanna, Founder, and CEO of Suraasa, a leading career-tech and skill-tech start-up for teachers. Recognizing the power of learning, Khanna further emphasises “I firmly believe that a teacher has the ability to make a profound impact, and continuous learning serves as the cornerstone of this journey. Teacher upskilling programs focus on enhancing pedagogical techniques, classroom management strategies, student engagement, and the seamless integration of technology in teaching practices. This allows teachers to effectively utilise educational apps, online resources, learning management systems, and collaborative tools to enhance student learning outcomes.” He further outlines that technology-enabled teaching not only enhances educational practices but also promotes digital literacy among students, equipping them with the essential skills required for the future.

Through comprehensive learning throughout their careers, teachers are able to address the diverse learning requirements of new-age students. This is evident in the inclusive practices by educators to accommodate students with special needs, cater to multilingual classrooms, and foster an empowered learning environment. Infact, in many ways, teacher upskilling goes beyond individual growth; it encourages the formation of collaborative learning communities where each student can share experiences, exchange ideas, and collectively solve challenges.

While upskilling and continuous learning prove to be an enriching experience for all students, it is also a great way for teachers to get their talent, skills, efforts, and achievements recognized. This recognition serves as a crucial part for teachers to stay motivated towards what they do best. Hence, upskilling programs often incorporate mechanisms for recognizing educators’ growth, such as certifications, badges, or endorsements. These recognitions not only validate teachers’ skills but also serve as a catalyst for their continuous professional development.

By embracing these professional development programs, India can empower its teachers to create impactful learning experiences. After all, upskilling is an investment in the future of education and enables every teacher to have the potential to make a lasting impact on students’ lives.

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