PVR INOX Partners With Mondelez India to Redefine Birthday Celebrations With AI-powered Personalized Songs at the Cinema

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PVR INOX Partners

India 17th November 2023: PVR INOX, the largest and the most premium cinema exhibition company in India, has joined hands with Mondelez India’s Cadbury Celebrations brand to introduce their campaign #MyBirthdaySong, which leverages a remarkable new-to-market tech to personalize birthday songs. The collaboration will provide yet another way to make birthdays special by bringing the extraordinary AI tool to bigger screens wherein cinemagoers will be able to express their heartfelt birthday wishes in the most unique way possible.

The partnership between Cadbury Celebrations and PVR INOX marks an industry-first achievement that seamlessly blends the magic of Cadburys Celebrations’ #MyBirthdaySong with the innovation of PVR INOX’s advanced new-age cinema technology. This groundbreaking partnership introduces a personalized user experience that is truly one-of-a-kind, made possible by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge cinematic technology. This signifies a paradigm shift in the way birthdays are celebrated, offering a harmonious fusion of technology, entertainment, and confectionery.

To put this to action, movie buffs can open the PVR or INOX app to book movie tickets. After the tickets have been booked, the user sees a banner pop up in the offer section. The user clicks on the banner and is taken to Cadbury Celebrations microsite- https://cadburymybirthdaysong.com. The custom platform then asks users to share information about what makes the person so special to them, such as nicknames, anecdotes, and prized memories. The digital tool then creates custom birthday song lyrics embellished with these details. Users can also set the song to their preferred music genre, including options such as rap, hip-hop, and classical.

But the twist is, this partnership has added another interesting leg to Cadbury Celebrations’ campaign- the creative masterpiece/personalized song will then be unveiled on the big screen, transforming the user’s message into a larger-than-life celebration to create a truly unforgettable magical experience.

This serves as a compelling testament to the cinema industry’s remarkable embrace of technology and data-driven approaches. Over time, cinema advertising has transcended its traditional roots to become a data-rich medium, seamlessly integrating technology-based solutions and fostering interactive user experiences.

Speaking about the partnership, Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO, PVR INOX Ltd. said, “At PVR INOX, we are constantly exploring ways to elevate the moviegoing experience for our patrons. Our partnership with Cadbury Celebrations is a testament to the power of data and technology which we have been using effectively to scale data-driven marketing and build hyper-personalized experiences for our consumers. It is further a step forward in bringing about evolution in cinematic experience and we believe that this will usher in a new era of personalized and immersive experiences for customers and make every visit to PVR INOX cinemas an unforgettable one.”

Further, Nitin Saini, Vice President, Marketing, Mondelez India, said “Our partnership with PVR INOX will add yet another leg to personalize the birthday experience for every consumer. It seamlessly aligns with our brand proposition of making every occasion special, and with #MyBirthdaySong we will be able to do that throughout the year. We hope this partnership will help our consumers to elevate birthday celebrations and make the surprise larger than life. We are super excited to see how this turns out.”

This remarkable partnership combines the best of AI and cinematic excellence of Cadbury Celebrations and PVR & INOX respectively, to create an unparalleled celebration experience. It’s a celebration experience like no other, and it’s sure to create cherished memories for years to come.

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