AICTE Announces Launch of Bharath Cycle Design Challenge

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New Delhi, 5th June 2023 – The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) launched Bharath Cycle Design Challenge (BCDC) . This initiative aligns with World Bicycle Day and aims to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity for human well-being and the environment.

The Bharath Cycle Design Challenge ( BCDC ) seeks to foster innovation and creativity in Cycle design and manufacturing. By promoting sustainable transportation and addressing the specific challenges faced by different groups of people in India, the competition aims to generate solutions that contribute to a greener and healthier society. Participants are invited to design affordable, eco-friendly cycles tailored to the needs of the Indian market.

Key Initiatives of the Bharath Cycle Design Challenge (BCDC) include:

Open to Teams: The competition welcomes participation from interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary teams. Participants are encouraged to collaborate with industry partners and experts to enhance their designs.

Commute & Cargo Cycle Themes: The competition revolves around two main themes, namely Commute Cycle and Cargo Cycle, each having subcategories of EV/Non-EV.

Four-Stage Workflow: The competition follows a four-stage process, comprising Concept Development (June 3 – July 15), Prototyping (August 1 to August 31), Testing and Evaluation (September 1 – September 30), and the Grand Finale, where prototypes will be showcased on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 at New Delhi

Focus on Sustainability, Ergonomics, Aesthetics, and Maintainability: The event will prioritize the sustainability, ergonomics, aesthetics, and maintainability aspects of rickshaws/bicycles, with subcategories of EV/Non-EV.

Additional details and the calendar of events are available on the AICTE homepage:

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