Paradise comes back with Delicious Haleem range this festive season

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Paradise comes back

Hyderabad, 28 March 2023: The world’s favorite biryani house Paradise is back again with their Haleem delight this season. For the first time, Paradise also adds Chicken Haleem to its menu. Customers can avail of the Paradise Haleem foods as takeaways or enjoy it at any of the Paradise outlets.

The ingredients for the haleem menu are of high quality and make the choicest picks of the spices which are used in the correct proprietary ratios followed by trademark cooking methods making Paradise haleem unique. Ample care is taken to prepare the food until dished out in line with the safety protocols and hygiene standards in the current times. Guests can be assured of both the taste and quality that Paradise has been keeping up for seven decades.

The food chain has acquired its place in the Limca Book of Records for ‘Most Biryanis Served In A Year’. In 2017, Paradise catered over 70 lakh servings of biryani and in 2018 the numbers crossed over 90 lacks. Paradise also won the ‘Restaurant Serving The Best Biryani’ award at the Asia Food Congress and Golden Spoon Award at the India Food Forum in 2018. Through the years they have won several accolades and laurels from Telangana State Hotels Associations, GHMC, Times Food Award, Pride of Telangana, and Lifetime Achievement Award to name a few.

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