5 Revolutionary Indian Startups: Breaking Barriers, Shaping Futures

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India is known for its vibrant startup culture and is home to a plethora of innovative businesses that are disrupting traditional industries and paving the way for new and exciting business models. From developing cutting-edge technologies to creating new business models, these startups are pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom, blazing new trails, and charting their own paths to success. The startups featured in this article represent the best of the best, a collection of the most unique and industry-pioneering businesses in India, each with its own vision and mission to improve the nation for the better. These companies are not only bringing new ideas to the table but are also solving some of the most pressing problems in the country.

With bold visions, groundbreaking products, and a passion for change, these companies are helping to shape India’s entrepreneurial landscape and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to venture into the unknown:

Healthians – Pioneer of At-Home Health Diagnostics

Healthians is India’s leading health test at the home service provider, trusted by over 20 lakh households. Founded in 2015, the company is driven by the vision to add 10 healthy years to every Indian’s life. It promotes wellness among all, and its diagnostic and chronic management plans have proven to be instrumental in effective disease management. Their mission is to enable Indians in pursuing wellness from the comfort of their homes and seamlessly avail of reliable health test services.

The company has operations in 250+ cities across the country and has seen its revenue grow by 250% over the last fiscal year. Through its proprietary concepts such as Health Karma, Health Tracker, and AI-based reports, Healthians brings the benefits of tech intuitiveness to the fore and helps its customers live a better life. The company prides itself on being of the utmost standard unmatched by any other health test service provider in the country.

The company has also been recognized for its constant efforts and endeavors in the healthcare space.

Siply – Pioneer of micro-savings as a path to financial inclusion.

Siply is a Bangalore-based tech-enabled micro-savings platform. Siply helps the underserved masses such as contract workers, blue-collar workers, gig economy workers, and small business owners inculcate savings behavior through sachet financial services where the investment can be as low as INR 1.00 to build a more productive, inclusive, and financially secure Bharat. So far, Siply – India ka Savings app has enabled over 6.7 million users to achieve financial independence through flexible micro-savings and a wide range of reliable investment instruments.

Founded in July 2020 by Sousthav Chakrabarty and Anil Bhat, Siply aims to be the preferred financial services brand to the 40 crore Indians who are not yet a part of the formal banking system. The company is building a platform that is tailor-made to serve the specific needs of this segment, which has so far been largely overlooked by current financial institutions like banks and mutual fund houses.

Siply has also turned gold into a micro-savings instrument by allowing people to Invest really small amounts, without any fixed schedule, and receiving 24 Karat BIS Hallmarked Gold coins or Gold Jewellery that too is BIS Hallmarked.

Yellow – Disruptor in the legal tech space
In the midst of a global pandemic in 2021, “Drafting a Will” was among the most searched terms on Google as people sought to secure their loved ones from an unpredictable future. During the pandemic, Niranjan Vemulkar and Nikhil Varghese noticed that many Indian families had a gap in financial planning as they lacked Wills. They realized that apart from the HNI community, most Indian families do not create their Wills, largely due to a lack of information and resources. Furthermore, they found that nearly 1.5 lakh crores lie in unclaimed accounts in India due to incomplete financial planning, including lack of a Will, families being unaware of the deceased’s assets, and non-updation of nominees. To address these challenges, they founded Yellow, a first-of-its-kind digital Will-making app designed by lawyers and powered by technology. Yellow has since emerged as a disruptor in the legal tech space with this unique offering.

Yellow, an acronym for Your Every Little LOving Wish, is truly unique and sets out to do what its name suggests. Give every Indian a way to take care of the people that matter most to them.

QuoDeck – A comprehensive digital engagement solution

QuoDeck is a B2B SaaS digital engagement platform that provides organizations with an innovative way to engage employees, value chains, and gig workforces. Founded in 2017 by Kamalika Bhattacharya and Arijit Lahiri, QuoDeck addresses the growing need for companies to build stronger digital connections with their audiences. By using games and gamification mechanics, QuoDeck drives higher adoption and better retention among users.

The platform offers a complete digital engagement suite that promises engagement, speed, mobility, regionalization, data, and security. With the ability to handle large user bases and extended ecosystems, such as sellers, agents, vendors, distributors, and partners, QuoDeck is highly scalable. Additionally, by incorporating interactivity and games, QuoDeck helps organizations collect valuable data in real time and analyze it through big data tools.

QuoDeck offers a unique approach to building digital engagement, which is inherently scalable and tailored to meet the evolving needs of organizations. Whether it’s improving employee engagement, streamlining workflows, or driving greater customer loyalty, QuoDeck provides organizations with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

OpenOffers – A recruiter’s radar for hiring candidates
OpenOffers, an enterprise SaaS platform, tackles the issue of candidates backing out from job offers at the last minute. This phenomenon, known as “ghosting,” not only leads to direct losses for companies but also impacts their bottom line. When a candidate fails to show up on their joining date, the company is forced to start the recruitment process all over again.

OpenOffers track a candidate’s journey from the moment they accept a job offer until they either back out, join the company, or have been employed for at least three months. During this time, candidates may provide conflicting commitments to multiple companies. OpenOffers gathers all these signals anonymously on a single timeline, allowing recruiters to determine whether the candidate is likely to join or has already accepted an offer elsewhere.

OpenOffers calculates a candidate’s ghosting score and joining likelihood based on their commitments to different companies, similar to a CIBIL score for loans. The platform is building a network of enterprises so they can share these commitment signals anonymously with each other.

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