Synersoft Technologies conducts webinar on Unknown Facts About BLACKbox

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28th March 2023: Synersoft Technologies, an indigenous IT company, conducted a webinar on “Unknown facts about BLACKbox” on March 23, 2023. In this webinar, Mr. Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Synersoft, talked about the background and unknown features of BLACKbox.

The fascinating failure stories from BLACKbox’s early days, the customer persona that drives BLACKbox, and lesser-known facts about BLACKbox were the key subjects of the webinar. In the webinar, Mr. Shah explained how an Indian product succeeded after numerous failures in a market dominated by American and German tech titans. He elaborated on how the internet and concerns with piracy influenced BLACKbox. He also discussed the concept that inspired the development of BLACKBOX. Several previously unknown BLACKbox functions, including Email Shadowing, DNS Splitter, Dual Profiling, and Application Virtualization, were covered in this webinar. The advantages of this functionality include secure BYOD, bandwidth-efficient apps, playback in the back office, and affordable hardware and software. BLACKBOX assists MSMEs in reducing costs by 55% for hardware, 70% for software, 70% for email subscriptions, and 50% for bandwidth.

Speaking on the theme of the webinar, Mr. Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder at Synersoft Technologies, said, “BLACKbox persevered in defending MSMEs and fostering their growth while facing several challenges. IT problems are consistently resolved by BLACKbox’s secret technologies with the same efficiency as magic.”

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