Manduka Unveils the Gerry Lopez Collection

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 5, 2024 — Manduka, the best-in-class high-quality yoga gear brand, is excited to unveil its collaboration with surf legend and yoga teacher Gerry Lopez, now available globally. This exclusive collection celebrates and fuses Gerry’s passion for surfing and yoga, making it the first of its kind. The Manduka x Gerry Lopez Collection represents a fusion of surf culture and yoga philosophy. It invites individuals who find solace and meditation in their sport or the outdoors to embrace the transformative power of yoga for a deeper appreciation and more joyful practice.

Gerry Lopez, renowned for his legendary surfing skills and deep commitment to yoga, shares Manduka’s vision of yoga as a catalyst for positive change. Together, they aim to inspire yoga practice among surfers and beyond, empowering practitioners to harness its transformative potential. Inspired by the partnership, Manduka has curated the Gerry Lopez Collection, taking inspiration from Gerry’s famous line of surfboards. His signature camouflage print adorns Manduka’s renowned PRO® Series of mats and yogi toes yoga towels, while their fan-favorite eKO Superlite® travel mat carries a stringer, giving a nod to surfboards he famously shapes.

The limited-edition PRO and PROlite yoga mats (available in two colors: PRO in Midnight and PROlite in Matcha) represent Gerry’s preferred yoga mat, endorsed by yoga teachers worldwide, offering the ultimate cushioning and density. A lifetime guarantee backs these mats and features a special limited-edition collaboration logo. The eKO Superlite (available in two colors: Sprout and Beetle) pays homage to his surfboard with the stringer design. The eKO Superlite is the ultimate travel mat, perfect for use at the beach or on the road. Complementing the collection are the best-in-class yogi toe towels, featuring Gerry’s signature camouflage in an all-over design (available in two colors: Forrest and Ocean).

“Yoga and surfing are two profound dances with nature. Both teach us the art of finding balance and a sense of peacefulness amidst the storm,” says Lopez. “Through this collection, we aim to invite all souls from every walk of life to join this dance. It’s about finding harmony and stillness, regardless of your story.”

Pamela Levine, Manduka’s CEO, underscores the collection’s significance, inviting everyone to explore yoga’s benefits. “Manduka invites everyone, even those who may have hesitated to explore yoga in the past, to discover the benefits of this ancient practice with the Manduka x Gerry Lopez Collection,” says Levine. “By marrying the world of surfing and yoga, this collection offers a unique, accessible, and easy entry point into a journey of personal growth, balance, and peacefulness.”

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