Say It With a Heart, Korean Style With Mia by Tanishq: a Mini Sarang Hearts Assortment

Tanishq a

13th December 2023: With millennials and Gen Z increasingly hooked on K-dramas and K-pop, there’s a lively wave of deep-rooted influence extending beyond fashion, beauty, and language, significantly shaping various facets of Indian cultural habits. Hopping on the trend, Mia by Tanishq one of India’s most fashionable jewellery brands is excited to introduce Sarang Hearts, a captivating mini-assortment that pays homage to the multifaceted allure of Korean culture, affectionately known as the Hallyu or Korean Wave, which has enchanted enthusiasts across India. This collection serves as a vibrant celebration of the diverse aspects of Korean influence, encompassing K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Beauty, cuisine, fashion, and more.

At the heart of SarangHearts lies the inspiration drawn from the iconic Korean finger hearts – a symbol universally recognized for its expression of love and connection. The Sarang Hearts Pendant – Earrings set, encapsulates the joyous spirit and diverse cultural influences, offering fans and followers an elegant and playful way to embrace their love for various facets of Korean culture in their everyday look.

Our vision with Sarang Hearts was to encapsulate the joyful spirit emanating from the iconic finger hearts, representing the now global language of love and affection. The collection echoes the vibrancy and cultural richness that the Hallyu phenomenon brings, inviting enthusiasts to embrace and express their admiration for Korean culture.

Sarang Hearts, with its playful and unique design, makes for a perfect expression of #KahoKuchSpecial, enabling individuals to share meaningful connections and moments with loved ones. Whether it’s gifting a token of affection or adorning oneself with a piece of cultural resonance, Sarang Hearts invites individuals to revel in this celebration and express their vibrant personality.

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