Unacademy Hosts IAS Seminar in Patna To Empower Thousands of UPSC Aspirants

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Unacademy Hosts IAS Seminar

Mumbai, 2nd August 2023 Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform*, proudly organized an inspiring and insightful IAS Seminar in Patna, aimed at guiding and motivating UPSC aspirants to excel in their civil services journey. The event witnessed an overwhelming response with over 5000+ UPSC Learners participating to gain valuable insights from India’s Top Educators.

The IAS Seminar held at BapuSabhagar on Saturday, July 29, was a grand success, making it the largest-ever seminar in Patna. The seminar brought together a distinguished panel of top Educators, including Avadh Ojha, SudarshanGurjar, MadhukarKottawe, Vivek Singh, Anuj Garg, and ChandramouliChoudhary. These esteemed Educators are renowned for their expertise in guiding students toward success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

The seminar was a comprehensive platform for aspirants to interact directly with the Top Educators, allowing them to gain valuable insights, study tips, and strategies to crack the challenging UPSC examination. Participants were provided with a deeper understanding of the UPSC syllabus, exam pattern, and the effective use of Unacademy’s comprehensive learning resources.

The sheer magnitude of the turnout, with one of Patna’s largest auditoriums unable to accommodate the immense interest, is a resounding validation of the trust and confidence UPSC learners have placed in Unacademy.

The IAS Seminar was not only an informative event but also an occasion for aspirants to connect with like-minded peers and Educators, fostering a collaborative and competitive spirit among the attendees.

The Unacademy IAS Seminar in Patna was an integral part of Unacademy’s commitment to providing quality education and comprehensive support to UPSC aspirants. The platform continues to revolutionize the learning landscape, enabling learners nationwide to pursue their civil services dreams with confidence and competence.

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