Renowned Industry Expert, Mr. Deepak Pandey, Addresses NALSAR University of Law on Embracing Uncertainty

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NALSAR University

Hyderabad, 14th July 2023 – NALSAR University of Law had the privilege of hosting Mr. Deepak Pandey, Head of Corporate Sales & Alliances at Mivi, for a captivating guest lecture on the theme “Uncertainty: The Punches of Life.” The event took place in Hyderabad, the city known for justice and legal education. Mr. Pandey shared his personal journey, offering invaluable insights to inspire and equip students in navigating uncertainties both personally and professionally.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Mr. Deepak Pandey shed light on the inevitability of uncertainty and the importance of accepting it as an integral part of life. He discussed his own beginnings and how the Mivi company established the first company to manufacture headphones, microphones, and other electronic devices. We embraced ambiguity with young minds and exposed them to numerous well-known companies, including fevicol, Pidilithe Industries Limited, HDFC Bank, Bajaj Group, and many more, while highlighting the importance of resilience, adaptation, and a growth mentality in the face of ambiguity.

During the engaging lecture, Mr. Pandey recounted real-life instances and stories from his successful career to underscore the need for embracing uncertainties with confidence and courage. He encouraged the students to view uncertainty as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Reflecting on the occasion, Mr. Deepak Pandey stated, “Uncertainty is an undeniable reality in life, and our response to it shapes our growth and success. It was truly inspiring to interact with the bright young minds at NALSAR University of Law, and I hope my insights and experiences have encouraged them to face uncertainties head-on.”

The management of NALSAR University of Law expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Deepak Pandey for his enlightening lecture. They emphasized the significance of such interactive sessions in broadening the students’ horizons and preparing them for the challenges of the corporate world.

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