Datacultr transforms work culture by prioritizing Employee well-being and providing Upskilling Endeavors

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14th July 2023 : Datacultr is a Risk Management and Digital Debt collection start-up based in Dubai, it has garnered prominence and has also made its mark in India. The company has a strong work culture of trust and embraces an unwavering commitment to an employee-first approach. Datacultr is steadily establishing itself as an innovative and flexible employer across all the offices around the globe along with the development center based in Gurgaon, India.

Datacultr’s commitment to designing a remarkable workplace is supported via a host of factors including-:

  •  Prioritizing employee well-being: Realizing the significance of a healthy workforce, Datacultr offers comprehensive health insurance coverage for its employees. The company also puts a lot of emphasis on an employee’s mental well-being, which is driven through “Your Dost,” an innovative training platform led by professional psychologists, access to this program is extended to families of all employees. This devotion to employee well-being echoes the organization’s culture of valuing employees like family.
  •  Consistent training: The company also invests significantly in the growth and development of its employees via robust training programs. These initiatives allow individuals to bolster their skills and knowledge, facilitating personal and professional growth.
  •  Fun and celebration: Datacultr promotes a dynamic work environment by honoring significant milestones and occasions, including birthdays and work anniversaries. This fosters a sense of celebration and comradeship, contributing to a vibrant and positive company culture.

Furthermore, Datacultr prioritizes efficient workflows and streamlined operations, by building effective team structures. This ensures that employees can work effectively and contribute towards the accomplishment of the organization’s objectives.

  •  Flexible Schedules: Depending on the need of the hour, Datacultr provides a hybrid work option to all its employees, especially during emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, it enables a healthy work-life balance by offering flexibility in office timings, allowing employees to manage their professional and personal commitments effectively.
  •  Young and energetic workforce: With a substantial population of young professionals under the age of 30, Datacultr benefits from a high-energy work environment. It also stimulates enthusiasm and dynamism, contributing to an exciting work culture.
  •  Leadership engagement: To cultivate an open work culture, leaders actively engage with the organization via interactive sessions, communicating their experiences and insights. This open and collaborative approach enables a strong bond between leaders and employees.
  • Neel Juriasingani.‘’Datacultr’s consistent performance and exclusion of layoffs fortify its commitment and dedication to its workforce. We are constantly identifying effective interventions that help us build Datacultr as a flexible and attractive employer. With this regard, numerous programs have been implemented that prioritize employee satisfaction, growth, and engagement. This remains a key focus area.’’ said Datacultr CEO, Neel Juriasingani.

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