Pioneering Skill Development Courses launched by IN-SPACe

Pioneering Skill

Bengaluru,19th December 2023 In a move to foster skill development of industry and academia in the space sector, IN-SPACe, in collaboration with ISRO and leading academic institutions, announced a comprehensive short-term course focused on Orbital Mechanics, Attitude Dynamics and Control, Space-Based Navigation, and Mission Planning. The course, providing hands-on experience in various aspects of space technology, including mission planning, launch window optimization, and dealing with mission constraints. This 2nd five-day residential program started on December 17, 2023 at ISRO Guest House, Devanahalli, Bengaluru.

Dr. Vinod Kumar, Director, Promotion Directorate, IN-SPACe said, “This initiative is a learning platform created by IN-SPACe to translate the government’s vision for the space sector into tangible skills and knowledge in space technology. The course contents are designed to train participants in developing the ‘brain’ of a satellite, that is, the on-board computer and other systems to enable the satellite to perform autonomously in space. The course will empower individuals with the skills needed to contribute significantly to India’s space missions, and nurture the next generation of space specialists.”

The course is designed and implemented by IN-SPACe drawing experienced faculty from ISRO, leading academic institutions and industry. With a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, essential for the next generation of space scientists and engineers, the short-term course will equip participants with the fundamental principles essential for mission planning, executing and optimizing space mission operations.

The course is open to academicians, industry executives, graduates, post-graduates and researchers. Participants will gain in-depth exposure to developing mission profiles, optimizing launch windows, and navigating the myriad of challenges inherent in space missions.

The course’s curriculum aims to equip participants with the foundational principles and hands-on experience vital for planning and optimizing space mission operations. The course will include immersive sessions on developing mission profiles, optimizing launch windows, and handling mission constraints. It will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the core principles essential for mission planning, executing and optimizing space mission operations. The modules will cover Mission Planning, Design, Simulation and Analysis; Orbital Dynamics and Mission Planning; Space Based Navigation and NavIC as a sensor; Sensors, Attitude Estimation, Dynamics and Control; Spacecraft Autonomy and On-board Software Development; and Proximity Operations. Sessions on the practical aspects on Spacecraft Orbit Modelling and Spacecraft Simulation Environment will be conducted by the ANSYS Team, and on AI for space applications using MATLAB by the MathWorks India team.

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