The Gera School Achieves Extraordinary Success in IGCSE Examinations, Setting New Academic Benchmarks

The Gera School Achieves Extraordinary

Goa, 16th June 2023: The Gera School (TGS), one of the most prestigious schools in Goa, announces its outstanding achievements in the IGCSE Feb – March 2023 examinations. With an unwavering commitment to providing quality education and nurturing the individuality of its students, The Gera School has emerged as a beacon of excellence in academic achievement.

The Gera School received an outstanding 100% record for the students who took the maiden IGCSE exams, which demonstrates the dedication and effort of both students and teachers. The school is also proud to report that 9 out of the 10 students received the coveted ICE (International Certificate Examination) Award, underscoring their remarkable ability to aim higher.

The ICE award, which prescribes certain Grade achievements in 7 subjects, including 2 languages and at least one subject from all groups, has been rightfully earned by the talented students of The Gera School. Notably, Omkar Rane and Lucius de Almeida have achieved the extraordinary feat of receiving seven A* and one A Grade in their eight subjects, exemplifying their commitment to academic excellence and setting new benchmarks for future batches of students. For the ICE award, The Gera School secured 5 Distinctions and 2 Merits, evidencing the students’ exceptional performance.

The Gera School takes great pride in the collective achievements of its students, with a total of forty-three ‘A*’ and ‘A’ grades obtained – more than 50% of all the Grades awarded. These outstanding results are a testament to the school’s commitment to providing quality education that nurtures the individuality of each student, allowing them to thrive academically and personally.

Mr. Rohit Gera, Managing Director of Gera Developments and Chairman of the Advisory Committee of The Gera School expressed his delight at the exceptional results, by saying, “We are tremendously proud of the outstanding achievements of The Gera School students at the IGCSE examinations. We congratulate the students on their remarkable accomplishments and commend our dedicated coordinators, teachers under the leadership of Principal Joseph for their passion and relentless efforts without which this outstanding result would not have been possible. Achieving this result with the first-ever batch appearing for the IGCSE examination with 2 years of Covid disruption and in the 4th year of operations is remarkable.”

Mr. Carol Joseph, Principal of The Gera School, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the students and highlighted the importance of nurturing individuality in the learning process. He said, “We congratulate our exceptional students for their outstanding performance at the IGCSE examinations. At The Gera School, we firmly believe in nurturing the individuality of each student, empowering them to realize their full potential. These remarkable results are a testament to the hard work of our students, the dedication of our IGCSE Coordinator and the teachers, and the unwavering support of our parents. We remain committed to providing a holistic education that prepares our students for success in all aspects of life and living.”

Lucius Narkar De Almeida, Head Boy and one of Top 3 rankers, shared his thoughts on his experience at TGS, “I am grateful that I had the opportunity to pass my 10th grade, a vital year of my life, through the IGCSE curriculum because it is so well thought-out and carefully curated for students of our age. The subject content is well-organized and optimized to teach you what is necessary and applicable to real life while still covering more than any other 10th Grade curriculum. TGS, in particular, allowed me to discover who I am through the plethora of activities it held throughout the year. I can confidently say that TGS shaped me by bringing out the best in me, moulding me into a more confident, self-aware and individualised personality.”

When asked the secret of his success and how he felt about his results, the Topper, Omkar Rane said “”TGS has been a very inclusive and comforting environment. It has always carefully handled my weaknesses while continually strengthening all the advantages that I possessed. It was a tough journey, but the constant motivation of both the teaching and non-teaching staff prevented me from breaking down. Besides the excellent teaching staff, the School also provided us students with the necessary resources at each step. A day at TGS has always been more than just academics. The physical education classes, casual football matches, badminton and other activities enabled us to relax after studying for long. As part of the student council, taking on the leadership role each day was a fun experience in itself. Being able to act responsibly and finish assigned tasks as a team further strengthened our friendships.”

Trupti Rane, mother of the Topper, expressed her appreciation by saying, “TGS has helped my child identify his potential and work on it to plan his future. The Staff at TGS were very supportive and approachable. The teachers were available to resolve any problems that the students faced, especially during the last few days before the final examination. My child had the freedom to express fear and anxiety about exams, and the teachers suggested different methods to overcome all these difficulties. The caring environment created by the teachers as well as the non-teaching staff made my child feel the school was a second home for him. I am extremely happy with the results of my child. It is, in fact, a result of his outcome and determination put together for all these years backed by the excellent curricular and co-curricular learning that TGS has enabled.”

The school has brought in experienced and qualified professionals, with expertise and knowledge that remain unequalled in the school educational sector in Goa, with an overall objective to foster self-esteem by nurturing individuality and making students skilled, confident, and lifelong learners. The Gera School continues to be at the forefront of academic excellence and personalized education, consistently delivering exceptional results and shaping the future of its students. With its commitment to quality education and nurturing individuality, The Gera School stands as a shining example of educational excellence in the region.

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