Outstanding Student Achievements Honoured at University of Dundee Award Ceremony

The University of Dundee, in collaboration with the Karnataka State Higher Education Council and British Council, recently celebrated the outstanding achievements of students who participated in the Transforming Lives: Karnataka, Dundee & Beyond competition. These talented individuals showcased their innovative ideas and commitment to addressing global health and environmental challenges. The award ceremony, held at the University of Dundee in Scotland, provided a platform to recognise their remarkable accomplishments.

Students from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Gulbarga University, and the University of Visvesvaraya College of Engineering collaborated with the University of Dundee to explore solutions to pressing global issues. As a result of their exceptional work, the winning team from the University of Agricultural Sciences designed and developed a low-cost, solar-based automatic irrigation system and were presented with their award by Consul General of India in Edinburgh, Shri. Bijay Selvaraj, alongside Professor Hari Hundal and Professor Kim Dale, Dundee’s Assistant Vice-Principal (International).

Professor Hundal, Dundee’s Academic Regional Lead in South Asia, expressed his admiration for the students’ accomplishments, saying, “These students have demonstrated exceptional critical thinking skills and innovative ideas. The competition has not only fostered healthy competition but also served as a catalyst for their intellectual growth, pushing boundaries and encouraging them to challenge themselves.”

The event also showcased the collaborative efforts between Indian institutions and Dundee, fostering an exchange of knowledge and ideas. Professor Hundal acknowledged the British Council’s crucial financial support and expressed their shared enthusiasm for replicating and implementing this successful approach in other states across India.

The 5 day residential visit provided participating students with an opportunity to experience the world-leading facilities of the University of Dundee and immerse themselves in Scotland’s warm and welcoming culture.

Reflecting on their visit to the campus, Vighnesha, a student from the winning team at the University of Agricultural Sciences, said, “This visit has allowed us to experience the warmth and hospitality of the Scottish people while gaining a global perspective through the university’s international connections.” Vighnesha further praised the University of Dundee, emphasising that it is “a place where dreams are nurtured, ideas are celebrated, and students are empowered to make a difference in the world.”

The University of Dundee continues to foster collaborations and offer transformative educational opportunities to students from India and around the world, encouraging them to become agents of positive change in their respective fields.

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