Saint Louis University Launches LevelUP ; Guarantees Work Experiences for International Students Upon Graduation

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14th July 2023 | India – In the current landscape of the workplace in the United States, many companies are hesitant to hire international students, largely due to misconceptions that the process is time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient. These misconceptions create barriers that leave international students at a significant disadvantage in the American job market.

Recognizing this challenge, Saint Louis University (SLU) has boldly launched the LevelUP program for its international students. LevelUP is a career-orientated pathway guaranteeing work experience opportunities to students. It seeks to boost the employability of international students with an assurance of career preparedness.

Saint Louis University announced LevelUP during recent events in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

“I am elated to announce the launch of Saint Louis University’s LevelUP program, which revolutionizes the career trajectory of international students in the United States,” said Luchen Li, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Global Engagement and International Enrollment at SLU.

The program’s comprehensive support system not only prepares students for their chosen careers but also dispels the misconceptions surrounding the hiring process for international students. By doing so, LevelUP empowers international students to excel in their chosen fields, stand out in the job market and achieve their career aspirations.

LevelUP provides a journey map for professional success. With access to opportunities such as internships, career events, workshops, competitions and more, the program equips students with the tools they need to thrive at SLU and beyond.

This exceptional program is made possible through SLU’s unique partnership with Excelerate, the world’s first platform for gaining 21st-century skills through personalized experiences and internship opportunities from anywhere in the world. Through the Excelerate platform, students participating in LevelUP can map their journey to success, track their progress and will get a guaranteed work experience w upon completion of LevelUP.

Eric Armbrecht, Ph.D., Saint Louis University’s Associate Provost and Director of SLU’s Global Graduate Program, noted that modern universities must focus on supporting the achievement of students’ career goals and personal ambitions.

“Saint Louis University’s LevelUp program reaffirms our pledge to support international students by guaranteeing the experiences known to provide advantages, Armbrecht said. “LevelUp complements SLU’s long-standing excellence in teaching, research and healthcare, and the Excelerate platform enables us to connect with people all over the world in a new way.”

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