Makoons Play School in George Town, Prayagraj Turns One!

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Makoons Play School in George

Prayagraj, 10th July 2023 Makoons Play School in George Town Prayagraj, is pleased to announce that they completed their one year. Recently, the school celebrated their first Anniversary with the entire staff and students. They celebrated the day with a cake-cutting ceremony and conducted various fun activities for the students.

The cake was decorated with various decorations, such as candies, chocolates, toys, and so much more. The aim was to celebrate among the children and make it a fun experience for them. The teachers also conducted fun games for the students, such as Lego building, block building, sand play, and much more. To make their day even more exciting, they recited nursery rhymes and distributed gifts to students.

Mr Vijay Kumar Aggarwal, CEO & Co-Founder at Makoons Play School said, “It gives me immense happiness in making sure that my children are constantly learning while also enjoying themselves. It not only reduces any form of stress but also makes them alert and aware. He also added, “Children truly grow and learn when we give them the chance of opening up and learning whenever they can. When we celebrate even the little milestones, it acts as motivation to only do better and keep improving.”

To add to this, Mr Abhinav, Director at Makoons Play School, George Town Branch said, “I truly agree to this. In my personal experience, when we as teachers have celebrated the little milestones, students in our branch have improved and are now more eager to learn. A child-centric approach allows the child to bloom into their full potential and become the leaders they are meant to be.”

Makoons is India’s fastest-growing preschool that focuses on not just academics but the overall development of its children. At Makoons Play School, their curriculum revolves around the idea that each child is unique. Their aim is to meet each child’s developmental, social, emotional, intellectual, and educational needs. It is the foundation that needs to be solid so that the child can take on the future challenges of primary schooling. Their Program is developed for the overall development of children with methods and techniques never used before in preschool education.

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