Audience tout Kiara Advani as the soul of Satyaprem Ki Katha; hailed amongst the best actors in the industry

Audience tout Kiara Advani

Audience tout Kiara Advani as the soul of Satyaprem Ki Katha; hailed amongst the best actors in the industry

With the cinematic triumph of Satyaprem Ki Katha, Kiara Advani is rising to the top position with her standout performance.

The story of the film is based on a relevant and sensitive subject that Kiara enhances with her stellar performance becoming the voice for women. Social media is ablaze with messages from cinephiles across quarters applauding the actor for having the sensibility and courage to portray the truth with so much soul.

Applauding the acting prowess of Kiara, netizens couldn’t stop praising the emotional scenes,
Resonating with Kiara’s character through her emotional portrayal, a user wrote, “Katha is an emotion. my heart went out to her, I felt so anxious watching her carry that heavy burden, her body language was uneasy and she was continuously fidgeting, hiding from everyone and herself.

Another user complimented the actress saying, “It’s not every day that we get to see mainstream actors take on such roles. @advani_kiara, kudos to you for your sensitive, nuanced portrayal of Katha!
Lovely to see you shine brighter with every film. You’ve set a new precedent. More power to you!

One more fan said, “#KiaraAdvani take a bow girl. From considering herself a victim to holding d sword n shield & getting ready to fight, development of Katha’s character, and the way u owned it all. From d grace to those panic attacks, its just u, who aced Katha soo beautifully

A true admirer of Kiara wrote, “#KiaraAdvani ‘s Katha refuses to leave me & it is Kiara’s performance that did the trick. It is a deeply touching performance & has registered Kiara among the leagues of the best we have right now in #Bollywood.
She acted like a pro. I have been a huge fan since #MSDhoni S.”

A user wrote, “it really takes a lot of courage to play a character like katha, on this sensitive topic & @advani_kiara you did complete justice to this character! I hope after this all the Kathas out there get the strength to become the hero of their life!

Complimenting Kiara Advani’s skills, one user wrote, “The thing about her that amazes me is her eyes make u feel her emotions make u feel pain & u will start crying when she cries u instantly feel a connection to her character for real
I feel so proud & happy seeing the growth of Kiara Advani as an actor
Thank you for choosing Katha ”

Particularly highlighting a scene, one user said, “Just watched #SatyaPremKiKatha. Performances were spectacular from everyone – but extra credit to Kiara. Her panic attack scene was fantastic and got me emotional. This was truly HER film and I’m so happy she got to shine! #KiaraAdvani #KartikAaryan @advani_kiara”

One more user wrote, “Kiaraadvani as katha left me genuinely speechless the change of expressions and the way she expressed so many emotions throughout the movie even tho her character was so complex is just applause worthy outstanding performance.”

At the top of her game, Kiara Advani enjoys a consecutive streak of successes and impressive performances one after the other.

Known to be a director’s actor, Kiara has become a directors favourite, and her huge fan base translates into packed audiences at the theatres making her every producer’s delight. Being the crowd puller, Kiara Advani has developed a confidence amongst the audience to deliver quality content owing to her impeccable choice of films along with extraordinary performances. Presenting stories that are not just entertaining but also ones that strike a chord with the audience, Kiara has been growing her fan base with each film.

The actor par excellence has been setting new benchmarks for herself as well as others with every character she plays. Proving her versatility, Kiara skilfully gets into the skin of her every character, excelling every role she takes up.

Touted as the Queen of romance, Kiara is winning hearts of the audience with her compelling performances, especially mastering the emotionally intense scenes.

Rising above and beyond, Kiara Advani has recently made headlines with updates of her upcoming projects which include some of the most awaited and anticipated films of the near future.

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