Makoons Play School celebrates Parents day with exciting activities and Cherished Moments

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Makoons Play School celebrates Parents day

25th July 2023, New Delhi: Makoons Play School, India’s leading play school franchise, celebrated Parents Day across all its branches with a multitude of fun-filled activities. The celebration’s sole purpose was to honour those who had made the greatest contributions to every child’s life and to commemorate their efforts. The purpose was to help the kids and parents develop a stronger bond.

The event was intended to recognize the invaluable role parents play in a child’s development. To show gratitude for their efforts and the invaluable role they play in their kids’ lives, Makoons Play School curated a bunch of activities. The event was set in motion with the kids sharing their opinions about their parents, and it was quite an engaging and bounteous session. This was followed by stage performances and plays that were intended to be expressions of appreciation. The performances featured dancing, sketching, cooking, impersonations, and dressing up as their parents.

In the second phase of the program, storytelling sessions discussing the life patterns and academic achievements of their parents were conducted for the kids to draw inspiration from. The event came to an end with the children displaying their family tree, family photos, etc., and how much love they have for each family member, letting the audience recognize the value of their loved ones. The entire event served as a reminder of how these activities can foster feelings of love and harmony among young kids.

Commenting on this, Mr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Makoons Group of Schools, said, “This event was held with the intention of demonstrating to kids the importance of showing affection and reverence for their parents, fostering healthier connections, and creating unforgettable experiences for families across all our branches”. At Makoons Play School, we recognize that every teachable moment helps your child be socially acceptable and grasp everything around them. We believe that healthy parent-child interactions are crucial for a child’s general development and well-being.

The excellent educational standards of Makoons Play School have earned it recognition as the most rapidly expanding preschool franchise in India. With a focus on holistic development and a child-centric philosophy, the school provides a secure, encouraging, and exciting atmosphere where kids can thrive and achieve success. With their unique learning environment, they assist every child in discovering their unique learning style, and their cutting-edge teaching strategies support the kids in developing their artistic and creative potential to the maximum.

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