In a first by any logistics enabler, Roadcast lists nearby washrooms for the convenience of its riders on its app

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25th July 2023, New Delhi: Roadcast, India’s leading innovator in automotive technology and a pioneer in the logistics industry has launched a humanitarian, first-of-its-kind feature on its app. Cognisant of the challenges faced by its drivers, the company has now integrated a washroom listing feature into its app.

Roadcast understands that delivery drivers are the backbone of fleet management. While working and constantly ensuring on-time deliveries, the drivers face many challenges on the road. The availability of washrooms, especially in the monsoon season is one such challenge.

By providing them with a list of nearby available public washrooms, the company wants to ensure that they have access to crucial amenities. Roadcast has also collaborated with local businesses like restaurants, hotels, shops, etc to come forward and list their washrooms on the app to support the well-being of the drivers.

Roadcast has always been at the forefront of ensuring a healthy working environment for all its employees. The washroom listing feature allows drivers to easily find nearby washrooms along their delivery routes, making essential restroom facilities more accessible than ever before.

Vishal Jain,

“The logistics sector has witnessed unprecedented growth and riders are a key contributor to that. Therefore, it is our duty to try and make this a seamless experience for them as well. We are committed to constantly improving our working environment to cater to the needs of our drivers as well. The addition of washroom listings on our app is a step in this direction which reflects our dedication to delivering not just packages but also convenience and care for the people involved in this logistics eco-system”, shared Vishal Jain, Co-Founder at Roadcast.

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