Les Roches Renews and Expands its Educational Offerings for New Talents and Professionals in the Hospitality and Luxury Tourism Sector

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Les Roches Renews

India, 16th November 2023. Les Roches, a leading institution in hospitality education, announces the renewal and expansion of its educational programs, committing to train and professionalize leaders in a rapidly expanding tourism sector with clients increasingly demanding personalized treatment and unique experiences.

The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in Global Hotel Management, the institution’s flagship program for young talents, extends its academic period by one additional semester, reaching 4 academic years, aligning with the duration of other European undergraduate degree programs. Through this program, students make initial contacts, specialize in different areas, and enjoy a full year of real-world work experience, becoming true professionals in the industry. This program promotes international exchange and offers students the opportunity to study abroad the second year in different campuses (Switzerland, Marbella, and London) and provides 5 specializations (Marbella and Switzerland): Luxury Hospitality Management, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing Strategies, Hotel Financial Performance Management, and Resort Development and Management. Since September, this course has a bilingual version in Spanish/ English at the Marbella campus for those who do not have the necessary English proficiency for joining the original program.

New graduate programs include the Master’s in Sports Management & Events and the Master’s in Hospitality Management with 6 specializations. These two new master’s programs join the MBA in Global Hospitality Management, the Master’s in Marketing for Luxury Tourism (MSc) and the Master’s in International Hotel Management (Msc). Additionally, Les Roches launches post-experience programs, aimed at individuals with an official degree and two or more years of experience, as well as professionals without a university degree but with a distinguished track record in the industry. These programs include a postgraduate Diploma in Food and Beverage Management and Entrepreneurship, a Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Talent Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Golf Management, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Luxury Cruise Line Management. These programs, which include optional professional internships and immersive trips, will be available for students starting from February and September 2024 intakes.

Executive education programs for active professionals include the Executive MBA in Global Hospitality Management, the Executive Master in International Hotel Management, and the Executive Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Management.

As part of its renewal, Les Roches recently launched its eAcademy and the Digital Certification Programs to meet the needs of professionals looking to specialize in various areas of business management while enjoying the flexibility of online learning. The four areas are: Hospitality Financial Analyst Certification, Sustainable Specialist Certification, Digital Marketer Certification, and Maître D Certification.

Carlos Díez de la Lastra, CEO of Les Roches, stated: “2024 will be a year of innovation where we expand our program portfolio to allow professionals in the sector, with or without a university degree, to access our education and continue specializing and updating their knowledge and skills. Les Roches has always been a reference institution in the world of hospitality, and with these new programs, we want to continue providing top qualified professionals into the labor market and in new areas opening up in hospitality and luxury tourism.”

Graduates Studies

The new Master’s in Sports Management & Events, exclusively taught on the Switzerland campus and lasting 12 months, enables students to acquire knowledge suitable for administrative and management roles throughout the sports sector, such as analyzing international economic aspects of sports or planning and executing events.

Through the Master’s in Hospitality Management, available in Spain and Switzerland, students will explore the fundamentals of the hotel business, finance, revenue management, marketing, and events, before specializing in one of the 6 areas also covered in the post-experience programs: Postgraduate Diploma in Food and Beverage Management and Entrepreneurship, Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Talent Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Golf Management, and Postgraduate Diploma in Luxury Cruise Line Management.

A Wide Range of Specializations

To address the new areas in which tourism is evolving and meet the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry, Les Roches has developed a series of specializations for university graduates with 2 years of experience or professionals without a degree who demonstrate at least 5 years of outstanding experience in the sector.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Talent Management, taught on the Marbella campus, will accompany the student in their personal and professional development process, preparing them as a leader with skills in communication, organization, and team management, challenging them to adapt their abilities to possible changes in the business and industry.

To enter the hospitality industry’s food and beverage sector, students have the option of the Postgraduate Diploma in Food and Beverage Management and Entrepreneurship, where they explore marketing, trends, and customer service from Switzerland to boost their own business and successfully manage F &B services.

Les Roches has chosen Spain, a leading country in golf courses, to launch its Postgraduate Diploma in Golf Management. From the Marbella campus, a popular destination for golf enthusiasts, students will be introduced to specific skills for golf course management, such as club operations or organizing tournaments, and the design, installation, and maintenance of golf courses.

Within tourism, the cruise line industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in recent years, with Spain being one of the countries attracting the most port traffic. With the Postgraduate Diploma in Luxury Cruise Management, Les Roches contributes to this booming sector, instructing in the usual operations of luxury cruise services, such as accommodation, events, dining, sales, or maritime law.

These programs, like the rest of Les Roches’ academic programs, include study trips to major tourist centers worldwide as well as optional internships with leading luxury companies and research projects.

Professionals completing a postgraduate diploma in one of these specializations can directly access the second semester of the MBA in Global Hospitality Management by taking another specialization of their choice and obtain an internationally renowned official graduate degree.

Excellence and Quality Education

Considered one of the top four hospitality management schools worldwide according to QS World University Rankings 2023, Les Roches’ students have an average of 5 job offers upon graduation. Since its founding nearly 70 years ago, Les Roches has positioned itself as the highest quality institution for hospitality and luxury tourism education, increasing its enrollments by 65% in the last ten years, reaching nearly 2,000 students in 2023.

With its academic programs, Les Roches guarantees a comprehensive education, immersion in the major spheres of the industry and access to a network of contacts and alumni who will accompany students throughout their professional careers.

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