Knowledgeum Academy’s IBDP2 Students Present Thought-Provoking Showcases at the First TOK Exhibition

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Knowledgeum Academy

Bengaluru,14th August 2023 Knowledgeum Academy, a leading IB World School and Cambridge International School backed by JAIN Group, held its first Theory of Knowledge (TOK) exhibition on August 12th. The event celebrated the IBDP2 students’ critical thinking abilities and skills, intellectual exploration and students’ systematic understanding of the multiple factors of knowledge.

The TOK Exhibition is a testament to Knowledgeum Academy’s pledge towards holistic education that was showcased through stimulating projects. The exhibition provided a one-of-its-kind platform for students to display their insights, perspectives and discoveries in the field of knowledge. This was helped by a series of interactive displays, presentations, debates and discussions. Ms. Aparna Prasad, Co-Founder, Knowledgeum Academy was the chief guest for the TOK Exhibition. A distinguished personality, an innovative leader, and an advocate for interdisciplinary learning, Ms. Prasad’s presence was indicative of the significance of the TOK exhibition to students and their parents alike. It further strengthened their belief in promoting intellectual discussions and nurturing young minds to become well-rounded thinkers and future leaders.

The TOK Exhibition incorporated various avenues of knowledge, including ethics, perception, and language among many others. IBDP1 students also got a chance to engage themselves in deep discussions, explore projects, and received valuable insights into the journey of self-discovery and learning.

Dr. Kalai Rajan, Head of School, Knowledgeum School said, “We are very happy to host a successful TOK exhibition for the very first time. The exhibition helped our students to grow intellectually and engage themselves with diverse ways of knowing. Theory of Knowledge is not just a subject but a philosophy that empowers students to think and examine things critically and appreciate the complexities of knowledge in an interconnected world.”

Ms. Aparna Prasad, Founder of Knowledgeum said, “I am delighted at the way the TOK exhibition has been conducted. It has given everyone a glimpse of what Knowledgeum Academy stands for and how the quest of knowledge is a never ending process. Events like these play a very important role in shaping young minds into informed and responsible global citizens and are the stepping stones towards success for any self-motivated learner.”

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