Canadian Prime Minister Extends a Heartfelt Welcome to MAHE Delegation Visiting New Brunswick

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Manipal Academy of Higher Education (

Bengaluru, 7th August 2023 – The Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is pleased to announce the gracious welcome extended by Mr. Justin Trudeau, the esteemed Prime Minister of Canada, to the distinguished MAHE delegation during their visit to the University of New Brunswick (UNB). The delegation, currently engaged in the esteemed Nursing Preceptorship program at UNB, has been warmly received by the Canadian Prime Minister, marking a significant milestone in global academic collaboration.

The visionary partnership between MAHE and the University of New Brunswick has culminated in the creation of an innovative dual BSc Nursing Degree Program, a joint venture between the esteemed Manipal College of Nursing (MCON) at MAHE, Manipal, and UNB. This pioneering program has received the esteemed endorsement of the Indian Nursing Council, further solidified its credentials and positioned it as a leading global model for educational institutions.

Mr. Trudeau expressed his enthusiasm for the collaborative efforts that address staffing shortages and knowledge gaps, emphasizing the potential benefits this “learn where you live” approach holds for nursing students in both nations. He commended the commitment to high-quality international education and recognized the strength that comes from unity. His words of encouragement and support have deeply motivated the visiting delegation and the teams from both institutions involved in this innovative initiative.

The upcoming Preceptorship Opening Ceremony, scheduled for the 8th of August, will be a momentous occasion commemorating the unwavering dedication of both MAHE and the University of New Brunswick to advancing global education and fostering cross-cultural alliances. Generously supported by the Government of New Brunswick, this ceremony will feature the gracious presence of President Mazerolle, who will extend a warm welcome to the Manipal delegation. As a symbol of unity between the two esteemed institutions, each participating student will receive a lab coat adorned with the distinct logos of Manipal and UNB.

Central to this collaboration is the Preceptorship, a meticulously designed clinical course aimed at empowering senior nursing students. Through immersive collaboration with seasoned healthcare professionals, students will elevate their nursing practice, cultivating a deeper sense of independence and autonomy. This distinctive experience will equip students with the skills to adeptly coordinate and deliver nursing care across a diverse array of healthcare settings. The MAHE delegation is thrilled by the support and recognition received from Mr. Trudeau and the University of New Brunswick. This partnership signifies a significant stride in global academic collaboration, enhancing the future of nursing education and the profession. We eagerly anticipate the flourishing of this program, which will undoubtedly create a profound impact on nursing students in both Canada and India.

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