VAHDAM® India Launches Low-calorie, Refreshing Iced Teas

VAHDAM® India, the global wellness brand and leader in organic, premium teas, and spices from India, announced the launch of a brand new product line: ICED TEAS! Made with 100% real tea, the new iced tea line comes in two forms – instant premix and pitcher tea bags.

Both instant premix and pitcher tea bags blends are made of black and green teas to provide consumers with an array of flavor choices. The blends are packed with fresh, exotic, topical, and aromatic flavors that will let consumers experience summer in every sip.

VAHDAM® India’s instant premix iced teas are lightly sweetened, low-calorie premixes that are a perfect way to cool off anytime anywhere. Each package comes with 60 individual servings. The premixes only need water and ice to prepare and they are ready for sipping. Each serving has less than 10 calories per serving and is perfect for people on the go. This guilt-free treat comes in 2 fresh flavors:

  • Hibiscus Apple – Rs 487 (Rs 649) 25% OFF
    An instant uplifting blend of tarty hibiscus and crisp apple that will tantalize taste buds with its sweet and tangy notes

  • Peach Ginger – Rs 487 (Rs 649) 25% OFF
    Combines the juicy flavor of peaches with the zest of ginger that will cool you down.


VAHDAM® India’s pitcher tea bags will allow consumers to make bountiful portions, giving them and their families and friends bottomless happiness and refreshment in every sip. Made with 100% Real Black Tea, the tea bags are plant-based, biodegradable and devoid of any plastic. One tea bag makes a single-quart pitcher of iced tea and has only 35 calories per serving. Each box includes 15 pitcher tea bags which can serve 75 glasses. The tea bags are have no added sugar, and come in 2 delicious flavors:

Lychee Rose – Rs 639 (Rs 799) 25% OFF

  • A base of bold black tea sweetness of lychee and soothing notes of rose

  • Hibiscus Cranberry – Rs 639 (Rs 799) 25% OFF
    A balanced combination of tarty hibiscus and cranberry


Both instant premix and pitcher tea bags are available on VAHDAM India website and on Amazon.

Speaking on the launch of the new line, Bala Sarda, CEO & Founder of VAHDAM® India, said, “We are excited to expand our offerings with our new iced tea line, which captures the unique flavors and aromas of our 100% real tea sourced from India. Our iced teas are a healthier alternative to other premixes on the market. Our new newly launched pitcher iced tea bags are revolutionary and will allow consumers to enjoy more portions of ice tea per serving. With summer fast approaching, we hope our customers will enjoy discovering a new, healthy, and refreshing way to cool down.”

VAHDAM® India has been revolutionizing the tea business in India since 2015. Despite being the second-largest producer of tea in the world, India had been dependent on bulk exports to foreign brands for the last 200 years. VAHDAM® India‘s ethical and sustainable business model has disrupted this structure by sourcing teas, spices, herbs, directly from plantations and farmers within days of harvest, packaging them fresh in India, and shipping them directly to its global fulfillment centers. By leveraging technology and cutting out unnecessary middlemen, VAHDAM® India has built a truly vertically integrated global brand.

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