EV startups encouraging made-in-India vehicles in 2023

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20 Apr 2023  India has seen an ascent in the interest in electric two-wheelers lately, primarily because of rising fuel costs and increased ecological mindfulness among customers. This year saw regulatory advances to encourage EVs and provide mechanisms for battery swapping. EVs are playing an important role in reducing pollution & promoting sustainable growth in the sector. As India strives for a greener future, the automobile sector has shifted towards (EVs). As a result of this transformation, numerous Indian EV firms are promoting sustainable mobility. Taking the charge, to make an eco-friendly planet, are some of the young startups. They’re reshaping the EV industry with their innovative products & manufacturing them in India. Below is the list of top EV startups to look out for in 2023.

  1. RunR Mobility: RunR Mobility, an electric two-wheeler startup, was established in Gujarat in 2021. Supported by the solid leadership of MECPower Solutions Pvt Ltd. RunR has been manufacturing 100% indigenous smart-electric scooters which support the essence of the MADE IN INDIA vehicle. The upcoming RunR HS and HS+ models with LED Lights are supposed to have a range of 100 and 140 kilometers on a solo charge. The vehicle is equipped with swappable batteries and other advanced technologies. RunR Mobility soon unveil the 100% indigenous 2-wheeler EV that’s #DesignedToSpendSmart & #StopNotAtAnything
  2. Okaya EV: Okaya EV is the fastest-growing EV 2-wheeler manufacturing company in India, offering a wide selection of high-quality electric scooters at competitive prices and encouraging the production of vehicles that provide consumers with the quality and dependability of an automobile. Okaya EV fully intends to achieve its goal of making India a 100% electric vehicle-driven country. Okaya EV features a power pack and an extremely safe LFP (lithium ferro phosphate) battery, which ensures enhancements in battery safety, reliability, and performance.

Okaya electric scooters have high-standard wires & chargers with overcharging protection, thermal protection, audio-visual warning systems, and smart BMS. Scooters have an autonomy of up to 160 kilometers on a single charge and a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

Okaya Electric Vehicle has received ICAT certification for its electric vehicles under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2, which covers safety requirements for electric vehicles and includes designing, constructing, and testing the battery pack and its components to ensure they meet the safety standards set by the government.

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