Telugu Entrepreneurs in the USA presented Telugu Times Business Excellence Awards

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Dr TV Nagendra Prasad,Hyderabad, July 03, 2023…….Dr. TV Nagendra Prasad, Consul General of India, San Francisco, who was the Chief guest at an awards function organized by Telugu Diaspora’s Publication Telugu Times, gave away its Business Excellence Awards to the winners.

Awards were presented to ten entrepreneurs.

These awards were presented to Telugu Entrepreneurs in the USA.

Dr. Nagendra Prasad said awards are a reward for excellence. They motivate the recipients, help to improve their competitiveness among the business community, and will inspire the younger generation.

Sri Ponnala Lakshmayya, former Minister for IT & C, Gov t of AP, Sri Jayaram Komati, Entrepreneur & Community leader, Mr. Ash Kalra, CA State Assembly Representative, Mayors of Milpitas, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and several Business leaders graced as Guests of Honor and participated in the Awards presentation

Mr. Subba Row Chennuri, Editor & CEO of Telugu Times, USA, a 20-year-old Telugu media company serving the NRI Telugu community in the USA informed that Telugu Times started Business Excellence Awards with the objective of creating a platform for the growing business community in the USA.

Mr. Bhaskar Sunkara, CEO- Of Bicycle AI gave a Key Note address on “Building scalable businesses” and Mr. Murali Chirala, CEO- of Falcon X, Sri Raja Konduri, Senior VP- of Intel, Mr. Srikanth Satya, CTO- Of wheels Up, Sri Shravan Goli, President- Coursera did a ‘Fireside Chat’ giving their own experiences and views on entrepreneurship, technology upgrades and other issues.

The awards were presented in several categories such as Real estate, Health Care, Community Service, Manufacturing, Banking & Accounts, Hotels and Restaurants, Agriculture, IT Services, IT Industry.

Real Estate category: Mr. Mukesh Parna, CEO- Sankalp Realty, Dallas, TX received the award and Sankalp Developers is a leading Real Estate firm with 20 years of existence, a 1000+ acre land bank, and over $500 million business value.

Healthcare category: Mr. Vijay Reddy, CEO- of Doctors Pharmacy, Seattle, WA received the award. Doctors Pharmacy is a leading Pharmacy chain in Washington State and reached a $9 million business within 4 years and growing fast with its customer service policies

Community Service category: Mr. Jagadeesh Yalamanchili, CEO- of UBLOOD, New Jersey received the award. U Blood is an App connecting Blood donors and needy blood receivers in any place and Mr. Jagadeesh is promoting this app as a noble service for the last 3-4 years spending his time, money, and expertise

Manufacturing category: Mr. Srini Chinamilli, CEO-TESSOLVE, San Jose, CA received the Award. DISSOLVE is a global company designing, testing, and producing Semi Conductors and Engineering items and has offices in India, the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Germany, the UK, Canada, etc.

Banking & Accounts category: Mr. Anil Grandhi, CEO- AG FINTAX, Seattle, WA received the award. AG FinTax is a leading Finance and CPA firm with customers and clients all over the USA. AG Fin Tax helped thousands of Small Business owners in receiving Covid Relief benefits from US Federal Govt to the tune of over $300 million

Hotels & Restaurants category: Mr. Kishore Kancharla, CEO- Bawarchi, Dallas, TX received the award. Bawarchi Biryanis is the largest restaurant chain with a presence in 60+ locations in 20+ States of the USA and Mr. Kishore manages, operates them on ownership, partnership, and franchise model and runs it as a corporate business.

Agriculture category: Mr. Jagan Chittiprolu, CEO – of Samhitha Cash Crop Clinics, Seattle, WA received the award. Samhitha Cash Crop Clinics help farmers to get products with the necessary advice. Mr. Jagan operated this in NAPA Valley and other places and now planning to carry out the same in big Telugu states

IT Services category: Mr. Seshu Maramreddy, CEO- MyGo Consulting, Chicago, IL received the award. MyGo Consulting is an IT services company with SAP as its specialization and turnover raised from $200 000 in 2013 to $47 million in 2023.

IT Technology: Mr. Mansoor Khan, CEO- of Wave Labs, Milpitas, CA received the award. Wave Labs has grown from 100 to 1000 employees in 5 years and functions in identifying emerging Technology trends, and proactive investments in building a Global Competency Matrix.

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