FILA’s latest campaign marks the 50th anniversary of the brand’s debut in the world of sports

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~Under the title ‘Numbers are Just Numbers without Love’, the campaign aims to highlight FILA’s sports heritage while communicating the passion that has driven the brand over the past half-century~

FILA 50 Years of Sports (1)

4th July 2023: Leading sportswear brand FILA is all set to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its remarkable journey in the world of sports by launching a new digital campaign featuring real voices and experiences of its ambassadors.

FILA unveiled its iconic F-Box logo in 1973, marking the brand’s debut in the world of sports. Over the last half-century, FILA has been worn by extraordinary athletes at the most iconic moments in sport. Highlighting the brand’s rich history, its impact on sports culture and its commitment to excellence and innovation, the campaign features a powerful line-up of FILA ambassadors both past and present including such as iconic Björn Borg, Suzanne Schulting, Grant Hill, Reinhold Messner, Alessandra Chillemi and Reilly Opelka.

Significantly titled, “Numbers are just Numbers without Love”; FILA not only aims to convey the profound passion that has fueled the brand throughout its 50-year journey in the sporting world, but also how each of its champions have always proved that there are more things at play than just the records they set.

The film starts with a poignant line- “What is being number one without following your own beat”? which sets the tone for an inspirational narrative that goes beyond winning for the sake of victory alone and doing more of what we love.

The digital film recounts a series of such stories to bring the endearing campaign message to life. Like the historic event when Soldini selflessly abandoned his solo round-the-world race to rescue Isabelle Autisser who was shipwrecked in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, an act of compassion that exemplified how FILA’s champions embody values such as courage, empathy, and solidarity. Or when FILA recognized and highlighted the environmental efforts associated with Reinhold Messner’s mountain ascents – an authentic demonstration towards sustainability and conscious practices. By using their voices, the campaign instills a bold message and closes on a thought-provoking note- “And what are 50 years of performance without love?” alluding to the brand’s journey in the world of sports.

Deepika Deepti, Senior Vice President Marketing, Metro Brands Limited said, “FILA is proud to celebrate the heritage of the brand over the past half century through its digital campaign. The brand is committed to instill the same passion that has fueled its journey while inspiring us to do more of what we love, to go beyond just our achievements, and let our passions move us.”

Apart from this video manifesto, the larger social media campaign composed of meaningful insights from several sporting icons will roll out over the coming months and accompany the brand’s communication throughout its anniversary year.

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