Sumit Kadel – Film Critic and Film Trade Analyst completes 10 years in the Industry

Sumit Kadel

Sumit Kadel is an Indian film critic, trade analyst and influencer. He is best known for giving movie reviews, trade figures and box office updates on his social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. His film reviews and trade analyses are published on various prominent & noted news publications, both print and online all over world. He also appears on News debates on National Television.

Born and raised in Kolkata, he has always had a passion for movies. He works closely with the film industry as a film critic & business analyst and gets honored in many film events held across India. Sumit had a passion for movies & was also influenced by several crafts of filmmaking like direction, design, script, casting, and acting. When he was a School student, he discovered he had a knack for film reviews.

Sumit has a mammoth following on social media, with over 1.5 lakh followers each on Twitter and Facebook and over 1.65 lakh on Instagram. Prominent filmmakers & actors like Karan Johar, Rakesh Roshan, Kartik Aaryan and many more follow him on several social media platforms.

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