KFintech Wins Awards for Advisory-led Wealth Management with Account Aggregators at Sahamati’s Samvaad-2023


Hyderabad, 16th June 2023: KFin Technologies Limited (“KFintech”), a leading provider of global investor and issuer solutions, won three Advisory-led wealth management awards at Sahamati Samvaad ’23. The awards were for Easy Banking (One Money Account Aggregator – Money One TSP – Goal Teller) and two for Wealth – Balanced Portfolio HNI Investors (One Money AA – KFintech TSP – Dezerv) and Mid and Low- Income Investors (One Money AA – Money One TSP – Goal Teller). The event, recognized as India’s first account aggregator community event, witnessed the participation of esteemed industry leaders, including Team KFintech (comprising KFin Technologies Limited as a TSP, OneMoney AA), who showcased their innovative solutions for the wealth management industry.

KFintech, a leading technology service provider (TSP), has unveiled a ground-breaking solution for the account aggregation ecosystem in the wealth management industry. Traditionally, wealth managers have faced challenges in understanding their clients’ financial positions, especially when investments are scattered across different platforms and asset classes. The lack of centralized information availability has hindered their ability to make informed decisions and provide tailored recommendations and scheduled portfolio optimization.

One of the key features of KFintech’s solution is its seamless consolidation of data from multiple sources, including banking, investment, insurance, and retirement accounts. By integrating these disparate data sets into normalized information, wealth managers gain a comprehensive view of their clients’ financial portfolios. This holistic perspective empowers them to gain deep insights into asset allocation, investment performance, and risk exposure across various asset classes.

With enhanced visibility, wealth managers can now offer more personalized and effective investment advice, aligning recommendations with clients’ goals, risk tolerance, and investment policy statements. This comprehensive understanding of clients’ financial positions allows wealth managers to provide informed recommendations and drive better investment outcomes.

“We are thrilled to introduce the wealth management industry’s first-of-its-kind TSP solution leveraging the Account Aggregation framework,” said Sreekanth Nadella, MD, and CEO of KFintech. “By providing wealth and asset managers with a comprehensive view of their clients’ portfolios, we empower them to deliver truly personalized and value-added services. The algo engine integrates with the decision systems, ensuring portfolios are rebalanced at the right time, aligned with the investment policy statement. We believe this solution will enable wealth managers to enhance client relationships and drive superior investment outcomes.”

“Onemoney AA is excited that its Account Aggregation was the core technology used in the advisory-led savings, investments, and retirement planning Product that won an award for KFin and Dezerv. This recognition serves as a testament to how AA can help Wealth Managers and citizens make Data Democracy a reality in India. With all the data schemas such as MFs/ Stocks/ Bonds/ AIFs/ Insurance going live, Wealth Management and Retirement Planning will be precise, targeted, and real-time,” said Krishna Prasad Atluri, Founder & CEO of OneMoney AA (FinTech Group).

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, KFintech remains committed to developing innovative solutions that address industry challenges. The Account Aggregation TSP Solution showcases their dedication to empowering wealth managers with the tools necessary to thrive in a competitive market.

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