Spotify launches RADAR Tamil playlist for emerging independent artists to showcase their music

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CHENNAI, April 012023: Given the increasing popularity of Tamil music on Spotify over the last few years, the audio streaming platform today announced the launch of RADAR Tamil, a program that puts the spotlight on the Tamil independent artist community. This is the first time Spotify’s global flagship RADAR program is going regional in India. RADAR is Spotify’s global program for emerging artists to help them deepen their connections to new and existing audiences around the world.

With music beyond films, including that produced by labels and independent artists, coming to the forefront and listeners increasingly consuming this music, Spotify sees a huge opportunity to help artists grow their fan base not just in India, but across the world.

So far, RADAR India, which features a new artist every month on the cover of the playlist, has enabled artists and bands from Chennai to showcase their music, leading to growth in their music streams, listeners, and exposure to international markets. Some of these artists include:

The F16s saw a jump of 35% in the first month of getting inducted as a RADAR India artist. Following this, they went on to feature on global playlist covers such as Borderless & .ORG Maalavika Manoj, aka Mali, was Spotify’s first RADAR India artist. She saw an increase of 40% in her listenership, and today is one of the most recognizable faces in the Indian Indie scene Kevin Fernando, a Chennai-born, Toronto-based indie artist, saw a mammoth 225% increase in listenership in the first month of his induction in 2021. He also made a big crossover to the global stage, getting featured in Curve Magazine, UK, hailed as one of the five up-and-coming musicians about to go viral.

“Tamil music is a key focus for us at Spotify, and Tamil listeners are amongst the most engaged on our app. We have seen tremendous growth in Tamil music consumption since our launch in India. Some of our previous marketing initiatives, such as the Ilaiyaraaja campaign, and partnerships with films such as PS1 and Vikram have been very successful for us. With a dedicated RADAR program for Tamil artists, our intent is to provide these artists with a platform, help them grow, and put a spotlight on music beyond the films,” said Rahul Balyan, Head of Music, Spotify India. He added, “We’re also celebrating three years of RADAR in India this year, and hope to enable more artists to find their audience and showcase their talent through this program”.

Spotify also hosted a Spotify for Artists masterclass, followed by a panel discussion on the emergence of non-film music in Tamil. Independent artists Marshall Robinson, Iykki Berry, and Martin Kartenjer, set the mood for the RADAR Tamil launch with their soulful music.

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