Socxo releases e-book on Thought Leadership Strategies

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Mumbai/Bangalore,2nd March 2023 Socxo, the made in India Brand Advocacy Solution has released its latest e-book on Thought Leadership marketing. The e-book highlights the growing importance and benefits of it for business leaders and their businesses today.

Thought leadership is all about leveraging your expertise and experience to promote your unique viewpoints that influence the reader’s perspective. When done right, it can help build your personal brand and add visibility, credibility, and reputation to your business. The e-book offers steps to build a successful Thought Leadership strategy along with guidance in creating, distributing, and promoting content.

Some of the key highlights of the e-book are:

  • Steps to Establish Credibility and Authority
  • Steps to build a successful Thought Leadership
  • How to include Employee Advocacy
  • How to measure Thought Leadership Success

The e-book highlights the importance to gain publicity, that is thought leadership marketing strategy and how it fuels PR opportunities. A thought leadership marketing strategy can help attract investors, customers, and partners. With the kind of authority you hold, it’s easier to showcase your growth potential.

Ajit Narayan, CMO, SocxoSpeaking on the latest e-book, Ajit Narayan, CMO, Socxo says, “With online presence taking a front face, individuals, and brands both are in dire need to put forth leadership and knowledge. Content marketing in this space jumps to a new level where it is not all about SEO or search alone, but it aids the personal brand and corporate brand from a PR perspective. This e-book from us is a small attempt towards helping people understand from basics and grow.

Brand advocacy has massive potential for growth in the coming years and with this step, we look forward to creating the right form of awareness in the marketing fraternity.”

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