Our leadership model is outdated, says Sandiip Panndit’s debut book ‘Igniting Conscious Leadership’

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Igniting Conscious Leadership - Cover (Front)Bangalore, 2nd March 2023: Celebrated corporate trainer and mentor Sandiip Panndit’s debut book – Igniting Conscious Leadership, announced today, urges readers to think that conscious leadership is the need of the hour which puts the heart, mind, and soul into the business equation by adding acceptance, self-awareness, and purpose. The book assimilates Panndit’s 15-year experience with Fortune 50 companies and training and guiding people for excellence.

The book has been endorsed by Dr. Daniel Goleman who described the book, — “A powerful guidebook for anyone seeking a career built on mindfulness and purpose.” John Mattone, the World’s Top Leadership Coach, has written the Foreword.

Leadership is more than just leading teams and influencing stakeholders with a command-and-control mindset. Leaders with such a concept haven’t been successful with a long-term approach. They miss out on a vital element – Consciousness. A conscious Leadership approach is heart-centered, purpose-driven, values-focused, inclusive, and allied. The book—Igniting Conscious Leadership will unveil all it takes for individuals and organizations to become or create conscious leaders. The process of conscious leadership explained by the author in the book helps develop a co-culture of resilience, creativity, and inspired performance. A time-tested, result-oriented, and implementable 5-step framework for leadership is explained in an impactful manner. The major book sections are – Life Learnings, Re-look, Re-sculpt and Re-born.

Explaining about the unusual subject of the debut book, Sandiip Panndit said, “Conscious Leadership is a continuous practice of understanding who you are, identifying your aligned future experiences, and intentionally navigating yourself and your stakeholders towards them no matter what. If you follow your purpose, others will follow you! Someone committed to the path of Conscious Leadership is willing to find ways to transcend their fears and forge a breakthrough for themselves and others as a cohesive unit.”

An ex-corporate and awarded Life Alchemist Sandiip Panndit is an author and founder of Soul In Harmony. His passion for self-mastery was ignited at age ten when he strived and overcame his stammering. Today he blends his profound intuition for coaching individuals and guiding corporate for excellence. Sandiip empowers individuals and corporate to become resilient, creative, and productive through a Conscious approach with Mindfulness at its core. He is a Master’s in International Business and an M.S. in Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Igniting Conscious Leadership is true to its title, it delineates the priceless technique of maximizing the readers’ mindfulness quotient and discovering the hidden, powerful self within. Spotting, uprooting, and replacing negative programs and harnessing inner strengths are imperative for creating the much-desired excellence in individual lives, teams, and corporations.

Readers will discover real-life anecdotes that make the framework relatable. The author suggests individuals use this framework, harness their uniqueness, and finally carve a personalized conscious leadership for themselves.

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