Shemaroo TV Presents Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal

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Shemaroo TV Presents Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal

The timeless tales of Lord Shri Krishna have etched an indelible mark in the hearts of viewers worldwide through numerous television portrayals. The myriad personas of Krishna – Bal Gopal, Kanha, Kanhaiya, Muralidhar, Nandlala, Gopala, and Laddoo Gopal – have continuously captivated audiences. Laddoo Gopal holds a special place in the hearts of devotees due to his charming nature. Many see him as the God closest to their heart due to the intimate and personal connection they feel with him. Building on this rich legacy, Shemaroo TV ventures into uncharted territory with its debut original socio-mytho show, ‘Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal,’ highlighting these cultural connections and emotional resonances. The show will capture an exceptional bond between a devotee named Tulsi and her cherished playful and innocent deity, Laddoo Gopal. Starring Akshita Mudgal as Tulsi, Het Makwana as Laddoo Gopal and Dayashankar Pandey as Pundit Radheshyam in the lead roles, ‘Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal’ premieres from 21st August 2023 from Monday to Saturday at 8 PM.

‘Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal,’ promises a one-of-a-kind and enchanting experience for viewers, transcending the ordinary into the realm of the divine. Tulsi holds a unique place as Laddoo Gopal’s unwavering devotee, being the sole individual with the divine ability to perceive his presence. In a world where his existence remains invisible to all others, Laddoo Gopal becomes her guiding light, her saviour through every twist of fate. The narrative unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Mathura, revolving around Tulsi and her family who are fervent devotees of Laddoo Gopal, interwoven with Tulsi’s relentless battle against her malevolent in-laws.

Will Tulsi’s faith in Laddoo Gopal falter amidst adversity, or will her unshakable devotion serve as a guiding beacon through the storm? ‘Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal’ weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions, faith, and resilience that is certain to leave viewers spellbound.

Lead actress Akshita Mudgal, portraying the role of Tulsi, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “For me, stepping into this extraordinary role feels like destiny has chosen me itself! Growing up in Agra, where every mother affectionately addresses her child as ‘Lalla,’ much like Mother Yashoda with her beloved Laddoo Gopal, I feel an intensely profound connection with him. It’s an honour to embody a character that resonates so deeply with my heart. As I bring Tulsi to life, I can already sense the devotion and love she holds for Laddoo Gopal. I am confident that Tulsi’s devotional journey will resonate with viewers and leave them mesmerized. Hope the audience watches us on Shemaroo TV. “

Seasoned actor Dayashankar Pandey, added, ” When I was offered this role, I was captivated by the concept of the show, and instantly gave it a nod. The tales of Laddoo Gopal have always fascinated me, and I found myself engrossed in reading several stories about him while preparing for the character. This is a story that is close to my heart, another reason to say yes was I love to chant Radhe Radhe and while doing this show I will be on the path of Dharam while I am doing my job. I’m glad to be a part of the show on Shemaroo TV. Portraying the character of Pandit Shayamsunder is an experience I cherish, and I can’t wait for people to get enchanted with this one-of-its-kind heartwarming story.”

Child artist Het Makwana, who plays Laddoo Gopal, expressed, “I am very happy to play this character. For me, this character is very different from the previous characters I have played. When I dress up as Laddoo Gopal, I feel closer to him. It is an amazing feeling as many people share a secret friendship with Laddoo Gopal in their hearts, and I get to bring that connection to life. I get to hear so many fascinating stories related to Laddoo Gopal, and I’m learning a lot from this role. I’m excited to see myself on screen as Laddoo Gopal and see how people react to it.”

A unique blend of devotion, love, and faith, Tulsi Dham Ke Laddoo Gopal, will take viewers on an unforgettable spiritual expedition. Witness the soul-stirring journey of Tulsi and her Laddoo Gopal on Shemaroo TV starting 21st August 2023 from Monday to Saturday at 8 PM. Embark on an extraordinary tale of steadfast faith and devotion that is certain to resonate with hearts far and wide.

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