Satya Paul’s Brand New Mumbai Address


Satya Paul has a brand new store in the city by the sea. Located in Phoenix Palladium, the space is experimental, bold, and fluid – an aesthetic that reflects the brand’s umbrella ethos perfectly. Established in 1985, Satya Paul is a legacy fashion brand that is consistent in its promise to push boundaries and innovate. Its retail stores are no exception.

The space, which is approximately 900 square feet welcomes you with sophisticated black signage, which could easily belong to a coveted nightclub. What awaits visitors who step in however, is more a nightclub of the future than anything too familiar. This is a destination that is as humble as it is progressive.

The store with no sharp edges invites you into the world of Satya Paul. Everything pops here, and is given ample space to do so, thanks to the gentle pink concrete finish of the walls, and subtle materials like glass and wood that have been carefully considered to balance out the vibrancy of the apparel. The rounded-egg shape of the store is further echoed in a edgeless, circular glass display in the center of the space, which is in some ways the design-feature of the store. It makes browsing an inherently social activity.

On this display unit and around it, accessories that range from cufflinks to bags sit like jewels, while the brand’s much loved saris are carefully placed so that their one-of-a-kind prints can share the limelight. These creations are in dialogue with Satya Paul’s generous range of ready-to-wear and athleisure.

Currently, the store boasts Satya Paul’s latest collection, The Flower Wild, which is ready for a vibrant spring-summer season. In a continued relationship with one of the brand’s most serious obsessions – flora and fauna – the edit is bloomed forward. On soft, breathable fabrics, champas, amaltas, and tuberoses enjoy prime real estate. All phools are welcome, but this season is specifically in love with the Euorpean rose, a symbol that has appeared on precious textiles for centuries. These are finished with woven ribbons and silk tapes that celebrate the art of adornment. Floras in Indian miniature drawings are also a key inspiration, and express a longing for the way gardens were.

For anyone looking for clothes that prioritize mobility – so much that you could go seamlessly from a tennis game to a garden party – this is a dream. And for all others who are on-the-go (which is nearly everyone in this bustling city) here is a sharp retail destination that reminds you to enjoy the vibrancy of life, but also – to stop and smell the flowers.

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