Fortune Inn Haveli Gandhinagar celebrates the flavours of Gujarat with the launch of its new restaurant – Prasang

Fortune Inn Haveli Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, 12th August 2023: Fortune Inn Haveli Gandhinagar, a member of ITC’s hotel group is proud to introduce its latest culinary offering, Prasang, an authentic Gujarati restaurant. The restaurant promises to captivate diners with an immersive dining experience showcasing the traditional flavours, hospitality, and cultural essence of Gujarat.

Prasang features a wide variety of authentic Gujarati dishes, including traditional Thalis (platters) comprising an assortment of local curries, bread, snacks, salads, drinks and sweets. The menu emphasizes vegetarian options, with a conscious focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

As a part of its endeavour to enhance the dining experience and engage with food lovers, the restaurant is keen to host live culinary demonstrations periodically to let guests take part in the preparation of popular Gujarati delicacies. Beyond the culinary delights, the restaurant will also curate special cultural events to celebrate the state’s vibrant cultural heritage, including folk music performances, dance shows, and festivals.

The restaurant’s interior pays homage to Gujarat’s cultural aesthetics, adorning the space with vibrant colours, traditional artwork, and comfortable seating arrangements, creating an atmosphere that exudes authenticity.

Nagendra Singh Rathore, General Manager of Fortune Inn Haveli Gandhinagar said, “Prasang is our way to celebrate the culture of Gujarat which essentially is represented through its diverse flavours that change every few kilometres and offer an unmatched range. It is our endeavour to involve our guests in this simple but layered culinary journey. We welcome everyone to taste what we have crafted so as to feel the joy of flavours and experience our unmatched hospitality.”

Embracing social responsibility, Prasang incorporates eco-friendly practices like sourcing organic produce, minimizing food waste, and utilizing energy-efficient equipment. The hotel will also collaborate with local farmers and artisans in order to promote the economic growth and empowerment of the community.

The restaurant aims to excite all taste buds including locals seeking an authentic dining experience and curious tourists eager to explore new flavours, as well as vegetarians, vegans, and culinary enthusiasts with a liking for regional delicacies.

Prasang promises to transport diners beyond the confines of their plates, providing an immersive cultural exploration.

Details about the restaurant:

Location: Plot no. 235, Sector 11, Gandhinagar-382011

Contact: +91 96625 41962

Timing: Lunch- 12:00hrs to 15:00hrs, Dinner- 19:00hrs to 22:30hrs

Cost for two: INR 1678/All Inclusive

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