Promising Hiring Sentiments in India’s EPC sector post a slight slump – CIEL Report

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Bengaluru,30th March: The country’s fastest growing staffing and recruitment firm, CIEL HR Services has released its latest report ‘Employment Trends Today in EPC Sector in India – Feb 2023’, forecasting a promising employment outlook after a slight decline towards the fag end of 2022. With a combination of serious headwinds like inflation and economic slowdown, hiring activity has dropped slightly in Q4 (OND ’22) after a steady period between May to September in the previous year.

However, due to the positive sentiments around the 2023 Budget, the sector witnesses an increase in hiring reflecting overall stability, especially with its consistency in employing top-level management and an increased lookout for freshers.

Another interesting find from CIEL’s report is that, among all no-tech sectors, the EPC sector takes the lead (11%) with regards to the most sought-after role of Software Development (2,367 jobs) as compared to sectors like FMCG (3%), Pharma (2%) and Banking (10%). With a futuristic vision of leveraging emerging technologies, employers in the sector are on a hiring spree for jobs like Software Engineers, Full Stack Developers, Java Developers, Cybersecurity Specialists, and Integration Specialists. Further, ‘Software Developer’ remains the highest paid: 39% of the jobs are in a salary of INR 10 lacs and above.

Our survey suggests, Bengaluru (19%) remains to be the hottest hub for hiring software specialists, followed closely by Delhi/NCR (18%). Other metropolises like Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai along with the country’s capital and IT capital contribute to more than 70% of the total job postings.

Mr. Aditya Narayan Mishra, Managing Director & CEO of CIEL HR Services, expresses his opinion on the findings; “From CIEL’s study, we observe that the EPC sector can leverage the recent IT hiring cool-off and use the available tech talent to digitize their processes, thereby improve efficiency and enhance customer experience. With the government’s focus on accelerating infrastructure development, this industry is poised to grow at a faster pace and has the potential to create new jobs faster than ever before. Moreover, the sector needs to adopt policies that promote women’s participation and thus expand the talent pool available to serve the sector. ”

Other Key Findings:

Highest Median Tenure in the country

  •  EPC performs better than its peers in retaining talent, with a median tenure of 5 years vis-a-vis FMCG at 4.1 years, MSME at 3.6 years, and ITES at 3.3 years.16% Women’s Participation in the Workforce
  •  The sector continues to show overwhelming participation of men in its workforce. While gender diversity has increased, women’s participation continues to remain low at 16%.

CIEL HR Services has collated this report by studying 52 leading Indian EPC companies employing 80,000+ employees. The analysis included 21,865 jobs posted on job portals in January 2023.

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