Indian Brands Embracing Sustainability Amid Growing Demand

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Indian supply chain brands are increasingly incorporating sustainable practices to cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly products. As per a survey, 57% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for genuine green and healthy products. These initiatives primarily include using renewable energy sources, implementing efficient route planning, reducing wastage and emissions, and ensuring ethical labor practices.

With the government’s focus on sustainability and the introduction of new policies and regulations, it is expected that more supply chain brands will adopt eco-friendly practices to remain competitive and meet evolving consumer expectations. Listed below are 4 such brands, walking the path to sustainability:

  1.  ShakeDeal: ShakeDeal is a platform focused on supply chain and B2B commerce, aimed at making procurement easier for SMEs and enterprises. With a sustainable vision, the company is aiming at entering markets that can provide sustainable solutions. ShakeDeal caters to multiple sectors like MRO, office supplies, raw materials, and more, and envisions supporting eco-friendly sectors, further strengthening a sustainable supply chain.
  2.  GoCoop: This online marketplace connects artisans and weavers with customers, thereby promoting sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, with the vision to create and support sustainable livelihoods for India’s 10 million weavers and artisan community. GoCoop works towards providing a direct link between artisans and customers, eliminating intermediaries and promoting fair trade practices.
  3.  Ninjacart: Ninjacart is a fresh produce supply chain company that focuses on reducing food wastage by optimizing supply chain processes. With the use of technology, the brand connects farmers with retailers, thereby reducing the time taken to transport fresh produce and minimizing wastage.
  4.  Ecolibrium Energy: Ecolibrium Energy is a brand that provides energy management solutions to businesses, helping them optimize their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. With the use of data analytics and IoT to provide real-time insights into energy usage, Ecolibrium Energy is helping businesses make informed decisions to reduce their energy consumption.

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