Practical Tech Gadgets to Gift this Women’s Day

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As the majority of India’s population, women represent a significant portion of the nation’s untapped economic potential. Be it Home or our Workplace women have constantly played a vital role in the growth of the society. International Women’s Day is celebrated to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of women in our daily. Technology has played a significant role in helping women’s hustle and succeed in their life and career in general.

To keep their daily hassles seamless and smooth, here are few gadgets that can simplify the lives of Women’s for your perusal.

  • Nokia X30 5G
  • Amidst this gifting frenzy, let this cool sustainable smartphone be your ideal gifting option this women’s day. Nokia X30 is a flagship smartphone, with high-quality features and premium looks. It is equipped with 50MP PureView camera with OIS support, clubbed with a 13MP ultrawide camera making the low-light photos better with Night Mode 2.0 and Dark Vision. One doesn’t have to worry about unlucky spills and splashes as it has IP67 rating which makes it water resistant. Moreover, this flagship phone is made out of 100% recycled aluminium frame and a 65% recycled plastic back, taking a step towards sustainability. Overall, the Nokia X30 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable, and reliable smartphone. The perfect gift for a better & Sustainable tomorrow
  •  Nokia T21 Tablet:
  • The Nokia T21 tablet is the upgraded version of the Nokia T20. Its build quality sets it apart from its rivals, with its all-aluminium chassis a real highlight – It feels durable – as though it can withstand the occasional drop without much fuss. It has long-lasting battery, regular software and security updates, premium European built experience and looks.  Comes with 8MP rear camera with flash + 8MP front camera.  Whether for work or play, this ultimate family-friendly tablet is in it for the long run, plus, it’s loaded with fan-requested features, such as HD video streaming, voice calling, and NFC. With the T21, Nokia has done what it does best. A budget tablet that looks stylish and performs reasonably well considering its price.
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera
  • The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera captures your loved ones’ happy moments in more detail, use a close-up lens at a distance of 35–50 cm to get that perfect shot. They can even snap low-key pictures with only one click. The camera analyses balanced brightness for taking a photo and determines the best setting based on the environment. A perfect gift to capture all those fun moments and cherish them through polaroid pictures.
  •  Fitbit Sense Smartwatch
  • Fitbit Sense is a fitness-oriented smartwatch, one of the best ones in the market that comes with all the necessary features to keep track of your health. It has an ECG heart rate tracking with alerts for irregular heart rhythms, an EDA sensor to detect stress levels, and even a skin temperature sensor. Also features both Google Assistant and built-in Amazon Alexa. The Fitbit Sense can be a perfect smartwatch to gift the women in your life and remind them to keep a tab on their health.
  • Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler Complete Set
  • This beauty gadget is truly an investment, Dyson Airwrap is a fully customisable styling tool to deliver a range of styles for all Indian hair types, without extreme heat. The curling wands and accessories are where the magic really happens. Dyson Air Wrap has something for every hair type (basically a saviour for women) and is a daily use gadget, best for those who shoot at home or those who style hair before leaving for work. And it is better to invest in one device than use four or five of the. If your woman is concerned about hair damage with all the experiments they do, then the AirWrap is 100% worth it.

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