Gritzo launches #RemoveTheTag Campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day

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New Delhi, March 7th, 2023 – Gritzo, a brand of Healthkart and the first of its kind brand in the personalized nutrition drink for children has announced its latest campaign #RemoveTheTag. The campaign celebrates women entrepreneurs who have successfully broken free from societal labels.

As a part of the campaign, Gritzo has launched a video series featuring three prominent women entrepreneurs including Harini Sivakumar, Founder & CEO Earth Rhythm, Tapasya Sharma, Co-founder, Gnist Fashion and Shivani Popat, Co-Founder, Rashki. The videos will showcase their journeys, challenges, and triumphs, and will inspire women to not limit themselves as per the societal norms and remove any tags that limit them towards their journey to success. The campaign will be amplified across multiple digital touchpoints including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Here are the link to the videos :

● Reaction video featuring all three entrepreneurs:

● Harini Sivakumar, Founder & CEO Earth Rhythm:

● Tapasya Sharma, CO-Founder, Gnist :

● Shivani Popat, Founder, Rashki :

Gritzo recognizes that women are powerful and capable individuals who transcend societal perceptions. Through their #RemoveTheTag campaign, Gritzo seeks to celebrate women’s strength, resilience, and accomplishments while also encouraging everyone to support and empower successful mom entrepreneurs in both their personal and professional lives. The campaign emphasizes on the fact that how women can succeed even more by shunning social stigmas.

While unveiling the campaign, Mr. Subhadeep Dasgupta, Brand Head at Gritzo said, “International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to recognize the incredible contributions of women to our society and at the same time acknowledge the strength of women who often face the burden of societal stereotypes. We are thrilled to launch the #RemoveTheTag campaign and to highlight the incredible achievements of these three remarkable women entrepreneurs. Stories like these are a testament to the power of women and the importance of removing the labels that hold them back. With our campaign, we hope to inspire and uplift women entrepreneurs everywhere and encourage everyone to support women’s rights and gender equality.”

Harini x Gritzo

On being a part of the campaign, Harini Sivakumar, Founder & CEO Earth Rhythm expressed, “I am honored to be a part of Gritzo’s #RemoveTheTag campaign for International Women’s Day. As a mompreneur, I understand the challenges women face in breaking down stereotypes and proving their worth. But I believe that we don’t need tags to define us, because as women, we are capable of balancing both our roles and responsibilities. Let’s continue to break down barriers and empower women everywhere to reach their full potential.”

Tapasya x Gritzo

Adding to this, Tapasya Sharma, Co-founder at Gnist Fashion said, “It feels great to be identified not only as a mother but also as an entrepreneur through Gritzo’s #RemoveTheTag initiative this women’s day 2023. The passion with which I conceptualized Gnist is the same as my motherhood; I have nurtured the brand with all my heart, and it just feels unnecessary to be tagged to define ourselves. It is past time to acknowledge that passion is not dependent on judgment! With this, I hope to be a part of a revolution in which women empower society and open our minds to become more capable.”

Shivani x Gritzo

Shivani Popat, Founder at Rashki, added, “It’s not a problem to be recognized as a woman entrepreneur or a mom entrepreneur if it inspires others, but when we label entrepreneurs by gender, it leads to unnecessary bias and inequality in society. I’m delighted to be associated with Gritzo, a brand that shares this belief and has recently launched the #RemoveTheTag Women’s Day campaign to eliminate all labels from women entrepreneurs. My desire for success is to be based solely on merit, not gender. The same goes for my male colleagues; if they deserve greater success, they should receive it. Let’s establish a meritocracy that ensures everyone, including future generations, receives what they deserve, regardless of gender.”

The video series has gone live across all the social media platforms to celebrate the spirit of all the empowered women from 28th February as part of International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2023.

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