Post – Budget Quote – Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group

Dr Sangita Reddy

By Dr Sangita Reddy Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group.

Cervical cancer is a severely overlooked issue for women, leading to high rates of mortality and morbidity. We wholeheartedly embrace this budget and appreciate it. It emphasizes the necessity of cervical cancer vaccination, representing a significant stride in women’s healthcare by the government. Maternal health is of equal importance and must not be overlooked. The budget promotes the vaccination of girls aged 9-14 against cervical cancer for disease prevention. This will surely motivate girls to get vaccinated on time and prevent cervical cancer. Additionally, we plan to raise awareness about cervical cancer vaccination through various campaigns and programs to ensure woman’s well-being. There will surely be a boost in cervical cancer screening and vaccination now which has been lacking earlier due to the lack of awareness. We express our approval of this budget and extend congratulations to the government.

start with this point – Total increase in health outlay, from 23-24 RE (80516) to 24-25BE (90657) is 12.59%; pl ref table below.

2023-24 BE

In Rs Cr

2023-24 RE

In Rs Cr

2024-25 BE

In Rs Cr

% Change

(BE FY 24-25 Over RE FY 23-24)

Total Health Overall 89155 80516 90657 12.59%
Do Health & Family Welfare 86175 77624 87656 12.9%
Do Health Research 2980 2892 3001 3.7%

Source: Mof- Demand for grants (HFW & health research)


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