Effortless Access to Form 16 A for IOB Depositors via DigiLocker

Indian Overseas Bank extends a novel facility for its valued clientele-enabling the option for downloading Form 16 A for IOB Deposit holders from the Digilocker App/website”.

In an era dominated by digital transformations, the Government of India’s initiative, DigiLocker, stands as a pioneering platform revolutionizing the way citizens access and manage their essential documents.IOB Deposit customers can now effortlessly download Form 16A directly from the Digilocker App/web portal, obviating the need for a physical branch visit.

The process is quite simple. All you need to do is sign in to the Digilocker app/web portal, navigate to the “Banking, Financial Service and Insurance” section, and choose IOB and Form 16. Fill in basic details such as PAN, Assessment year/Quarter, and the specific IOB branch where the deposit is held. A single click on the “get document” button procures the downloaded Form 16 A. Besides Form 16 A, Indian Overseas customers can also download their account statements through Digilocker, a service initiated by IOB last year.

As DigiLocker’s platform expands its spectrum of services, IOB remains steadfast in its commitment to introduce more banking services through this avenue, prioritising customer convenience at its core.

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