PN Writers chooses TeamNest for Seamless Enterprise HR and Payroll Solutions, Joining the Ranks of Nazara and Abakkus

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PN Writers chooses TeamNest for Seamless Enterprise HR and Payroll Solutions, Joining the Ranks of Nazara and AbakkusMumbai, June 27th, 2024: In a significant move, PN Writers, a leading logistics and warehousing solutions provider, has joined the growing list of companies adopting for their enterprise HR and payroll solutions. This decision aligns PN Writers with industry giants such as Nazara Technologies and Abakkus Asset Management, who have already integrated TeamNest’s advanced, cloud-based platform to streamline their HR operations.

Comprehensive HR Solutions with Vernacular Support, known for its robust and comprehensive HR and payroll solutions, now supports over 400 organizations across various industries. The platform’s versatility and user-friendly interface are key factors driving its rapid adoption, adding a new client every two days on average.

A standout feature of TeamNest is its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility through vernacular support. This capability is particularly beneficial for blue-collar workers, ensuring that HR tools and resources are available in local languages. This focus on vernacular support helps bridge the digital divide, empowering a broader workforce and fostering better communication and engagement within organizations.

Performance Management System Completes Product Suite
In addition to its existing suite of HR tools that cover everything from Onboarding to Exit, TeamNest has recently launched its Performance Management System (PMS). This new module completes their product offering, providing enterprises with robust tools to set goals, monitor progress, and foster continuous employee development. The PMS integrates seamlessly with other HR functions, ensuring a cohesive and efficient approach to managing workforce performance.

Commitment to Excellence
Prashant Shah, Director and Co-founder of TeamNest, expressed his enthusiasm for the platform’s growing adoption. “We are thrilled to see industry leaders like PN Writers, Nazara, Nasher Miles, NM Medical and Abakkus leveraging our platform to streamline their HR processes,” said Shah. “Our commitment to providing a versatile and inclusive HR solution is reflected in our continuous growth and the trust that our clients place in us. We remain dedicated to expanding our capabilities and supporting organizations across all sectors.”

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