Lufthansa Introduces New Food Offerings for Indian Passengers

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Lufthansa Introduces

Mumbai, 5th July 2023: In a bid to enhance the in-flight dining experience for its valued Indian customers, Lufthansa is excited to introduce specially curated food offerings for Indian passengers flying into as well as from India.This initiative aligns with the airline’s goals in India and underlines its commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences to ensure a gastronomic journey to flyers.

Lufthansa offers its guests cuisines across four classes of travel: Economy, PremiumEconomy, Business, and First Class. Economy Class will comprise of hot breakfast and hot meal services with two main course options (Western or Indian vegetarian style) as well as (Western 40% and Indian style 60%), respectively. Snacks such as wraps and sandwiches, and beverages, such as masala tea and coffee, along with special meal options, will also be available.

Premium Economy Class will include services like a hot breakfast, hot meal and a hot dinner with two main course options – (Indian style and Western style), (Western style and Indian AVML), and Indian style with 60% veg and Western style with 40% chicken, respectively. Cold breakfast and dinner variants will also be served here.

Business Class will consist of special offerings like an Express Menu, hot meals with unique bread options such as mixed veg paranthas, which will be served together with German bread/rolls along with new salad options. Three main courses will be available here: Western style with 50% meat, Western style with 30% fish and Indian style with 40% vegetarian, accompanied by pickles, saunf supari and raita. It will also offer cheese and dessert service, including fresh fruits, ice cream, three kinds of cheese, and regional beverages like lassi, masala tea, and fresh lemonade.

First Class fliers will have the choice of two Western and two Indian main courses along with two cold appetizers, welcome drinks with premium nuts, a wide variety of bread options, four different rolls, two cold appetizers, and much more. This category will also include a cold plate and snack selection: 1 x western-style cold plate and 1 x Indian-style cold plate (eg. Tandori chicken salad/Raita/vegetable salads, etc.). Dine-on-demand services will also be included in this Class.

Since its inception, Lufthansahas placed great emphasis on using fresh, locally sourced produce and authentic flavours to ensure that every dish served onboard is a masterpiece of taste and quality. By prioritizing freshness and employing stringent quality control measures, Lufthansa offers its guests a dining experience that is both memorable and delectable for passengers around the world.

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