Patriotic Elegance: Clay Craft Unveils Exquisite Republic Day Collection

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As India gears up to celebrate its 75th Republic Day, Clay Craft combines tradition with innovation to offer a diverse range of products that elevate your dining experience. Standing proud as the epitome of artistic excellence and craftsmanship in ceramic tableware, Clay Craft’s products reflect the essence of Indian heritage and contemporary design. Celebrate the spirit of unity and diversity with Clay Craft’s exquisite ceramic tableware that embodies the pride of a nation.

Clay Craft’s JCPL Feast Kohinoor Cup & Saucer:


Clay Craft’s JCPL Feast Kohinoor Cup & Saucer

Indulge in the regal charm of the JCPL Feast Kohinoor Cup & Saucer Set in calming green, a celebration of opulence and sophistication. Crafted by Clay Craft, India’s premier ceramic tableware manufacturer, this set of 12 (6 cups and 6 saucers) is designed to enrich your tea or coffee moments.

Priced at Rs. 1,749/-, these 170ml cups feature an intricate Kohinoor pattern, reminiscent of royal jewels, adding a touch of grandeur to your tableware. The rich green hue infuses energy and freshness, making it an ideal choice for both everyday use and special occasions. The cups snugly fit into the accompanying saucers, completing the ensemble with grace.

Clay Craft’s JCPL Feast Kohinoor Cup & Saucer:

JCPL Feast Kohinoor Cup & Saucer

Immerse yourself in the warmth of the JCPL Feast Kohinoor Cup & Saucer Set in radiant orange from Clay Craft, an embodiment of regality and style. This set of 12, comprising 6 cups and 6 saucers priced at Rs. 1,749 introduces a touch of luxury to your tea or coffee cups.

With a generous 170ml capacity, these cups showcase an intricate Kohinoor pattern, reminiscent of royal jewels. Whether elevating your everyday tea time or hosting a festive gathering, the JCPL Feast Kohinoor Cup & Saucer Set in orange exudes sophistication, turning your beverage experience into a luxurious affair. Revel in the fusion of tradition and modernity with this exceptional offering from Clay Craft.

Clay Craft’s JCPL Cream Super Cup & Saucer:

JCPL Cream Super Cup & Saucer

The JCPL Cream Super Cup & Saucer Set is the perfect blend of elegance and functionality for your hot beverages. This set of 12 priced at Rs. 1,549, comprising 6 cups and 6 saucers, boasts a timeless design with a rich green hue. Crafted by Clay Craft India, renowned for their quality ceramics, each 170ml cup is delicately balanced, providing a comfortable grip for sipping your favorite beverages.

The accompanying saucers add a practical touch, preventing spills and adding a refined presentation to your serving experience. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or enjoying a quiet moment, elevate your drinkware with the JCPL Cream Super Cup & Saucer Set, combining style and substance in every sip.

Clay Craft’s JCPL Zing Gardenia Mug:

Gardenia Mug

Crafted with precision by Clay Craft India, this single-piece 340ml mug is an aesthetic addition to your drinkware collection. The Zing Gardenia design combines modern aesthetics with a touch of nature, featuring vibrant floral motifs that add a splash of color to your beverage moments. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to savor your favorite hot or cold drinks in style.

Made from high-quality materials, this mug is both durable and visually appealing and is priced at Rs. 236. Whether you’re starting your day or unwinding in the evening, the JCPL Zing Gardenia Coffee Milk Mug promises a refreshing and delightful drinking experience, making it a must-have for every coffee or tea enthusiast.

Urmi Fiesta Dinner Set of 34 (FI801):

Urmi Fiesta Dinner Set of 34 (FI801)

Introducing the Urmi Fiesta Dinner Set, an exquisite ensemble designed to glorify your dining experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Clay Craft India, this set of 34 pieces is priced at Rs. 16,999/-. The Fiesta collection showcases a timeless design with delicate floral patterns, adding a touch of charm to your dining table.

Comprising dinner plates, quarter plates, bowls, and cups with saucers, this comprehensive set caters to all your dining needs. The high-quality ceramic material ensures durability and a polished finish, while the microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe features enhance convenience. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a family meal, the Urmi Fiesta Dinner Set effortlessly combines style and functionality, promising a dining experience that is as delightful as it is memorable. Upgrade your table setting with this stunning ensemble that harmoniously blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary flair.

As you embark on the joyous journey of celebrating India’s 75th Republic Day, let Clay Craft be your partner in transforming moments into memories. Our exclusive collection not only embodies the elegance of tradition but also mirrors the spirit of a modern, united India. From the regal charm of the Kohinoor series to the refreshing vibrancy of the Zing Gardenia mug and the comprehensive allure of the Urmi Fiesta Dinner Set, each piece is a brushstroke on the canvas of your celebration. Make this Republic Day not just a commemoration but a vibrant expression of your pride and love for the nation, curated with the finesse and grace that Clay Craft brings to your table. Happy Republic Day!

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