Helios celebrates Women’s Day with #TimeIsChanging campaign

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India, 7th March 2023: This International Women’s Day, Helios, the watch store celebrates ‘her’ with #TimeIsChanging. A thought-provoking, BTL campaign, Helios takes a bold step towards making women’s empowerment a more inclusive discussion.

Change always takes time, and society has been on a journey towards progress, from accepting women in the workforce to normalizing same-sex relationships. Gender inequality and discrimination have been a constant struggle, and one such change that is yet to evolve is the normalization of an open conversation about menstrual health and women’s issues.

Helios recognizes that menstrual hygiene is one of the crucial aspects of women’s health but it is often kept a secret. With the aim of shattering this taboo, Helios is giving every man who visits their stores, a menstrual cup, an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for them to gift it to the woman in their life, start an open dialogue and make the change.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Ajay Dwivedi, Head Retail, Watches and Wearables, Titan Company Limited said “We at Helios believe that International Women’s Day is not just about celebrating women but also recognizing and normalizing conversations about their everyday concerns. We want to encourage men to break the silence, become active participants in these discussions, and contribute to accelerating the transition towards a more accepting society.”

Visit your nearest Helios store and join us in celebrating Women’s Day. Together, let us break free and make a positive change in the world.

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